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Babine Steelhead Lodge is the middle lodge of the Babine’s three operations and is attractively situated overlooking a long, home steelhead pool.

The facility boasts three well built bunk cabins that sleep up to four steelhead anglers. Cabins have heat, linens, and attached sinks and toilets. A communal shower house and a drying room are nearby, linked to the cabins by attractive boardwalks. The Babine Steelhead Lodge features a comfortable living room with a sweeping view of the Babine River and a large adjoining dining room where meals are served.

In standard Babine river fashion, anglers fly fish four per jet boat and work some of the longest and most seductive steelhead runs on the river. For those who want to experience some of British Columbia’s finest trophy steelhead fishing, this operation deserves your serious consideration.

Babine Steelhead Lodge is set very near the bank of the remote upper reaches of the Babine River in north central British Columbia.

Fishing Program:
The Babine is a Skeena River tributary and one of the most famous wilderness steelhead rivers in the world. From early September through early to mid October, the Babine is an excellent dry fly and greased line steelhead fly fishery and as the season progresses and water temperatures drop, anglers spend more time fishing a variety of sink tips. The steelhead fly fishing can remain excellent through the second week in November and later if water conditions permit. Babine steelhead are known the world over for their size and range from 7 to over 30 pounds, with the average steelhead most seasons weighing in around 12 pounds.
Steelhead anglers will be transported up and down the Babine river via jet boat. Typically there will be one guide for every four steelhead anglers and most anglers will be dropped solo or in tandem at steelhead holes. As a result anglers must be prepared to fly fish alone and should insist on a detailed briefing of the particular pool, its high percentage steelhead water, the most appropriate sink tip etc. before the guide continues on his way to shuttle other anglers. Also be sure to get a rough understanding of how much time you will spend at each run so you can manage your time and tactics appropriately. For anglers visiting the river before mid-October we also find it handy to have both a dry fly and sink tip rod rigged at all times as many steelhead holes will be well suited to two passes through with differing techniques. All Babine steelhead are wild and must be released unharmed as quickly as possible.

Accommodations and Meals:
Babine Steelhead Lodge is set very near the bank of the remote upper reaches of the Babine River. Anglers share cabins that sleep four guests each and each cabin has its own attached ¾ bath. The beds are set up in bunk fashion meaning there are two top and two lower bunks. All cabins are connected by attractive wooden boardwalks. The lodge has a separate shower house and drying room for fishing gear. Hearty meals are prepared and served in the main lodge. The main lodge also has a handsome living room with views of the river.

Sample Itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive in Smithers, BC and overnight (hotel not included in package).
Day 2: Travel to Babine Steelhead Lodge via van and jet boat and fish half day.
Days 3-7: Full days of guided fishing on the Babine River via jet boat.
Day 8: Fish half day in the morning and then transfer to Smithers in the afternoon. Overnight in Smithers or continue home.

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