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Jurassic Lake is nothing short of a biological anomaly and must be the most prolific trophy rainbow fishery on the planet. The lake itself is a large desert sink lake measuring approximately 20 by 15 km. It is located at approximately 3,000 ft. elevation in the wide open desolate expanse of the Patagonian Steppe. And while it looks like a saltwater body of water with its wind-chopped, blue water channels and shelves, it is teaming with small scuds and massive rainbow trout. Here the rainbow trout average over 10 pounds with countless fish in the mid-teens as well as good numbers of fish into the 20 + pound class. These fish are extremely stout and most are incredibly strong and acrobatic.

The Lodge has the good fortune of being located at the mouth of Jurassic lake’s only significant tributary. With no outlet, this is far and away the best location on the lake with anglers stacking up big numbers of big fish virtually every day of the season. There have been some reports of slower fishing in February where anglers might only catch 5-10 big fish a day, but by in large the general level of productivity of the camp water is hard to comprehend.

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Jurassic Lake is located in the Santa Cruz Province in Argentina. The lake is roughly 6-7 hours north of Calafate by vehicle, but only about 380 kilometers (236 miles) away, and 1 hour southwest of Comodoro Rivadavia by charter flight.

Fishing Program:
All fly fishing is done while wading or standing on the bank. There are typically up to five guides on-site depending on occupancy. Anglers typically fish stations in nearby bays, on the peninsula, near the river’s mouth, and the lower stretches of the Barrancoso river and cast (often into or across the wind) with floating or intermediate lines and employ a slow retrieve. Also, there are several upper river beats that we encourage all anglers to rotate through during the week. There are a wide variety of flies that work well, with woolly buggers, zonkers, egg patterns, and especially assorted nymphs tied on heavy wire hooks being the staples.

There are certain times and specific bays where, during certain conditions (especially during the low light evening hours) the big fish (most often pods of them) come within a few feet of the banks and cruise the shallows like massive bonefish. Even in harsh wind keep mindful of sight fishing opportunities as you can often make out dark pods of fish.
The guides are a combination of camp hosts and guides. They will show you the general fishing program and fishing areas, give advice on fly selection and technique, help with landing fish, take photos, and assist you with whatever you may need.  Fishing will mainly be done without a guide at your side at all times and therefore the program is best described as lightly guided. 

Accommodations and Meals:
This newly remodeled and improved lodge facility can take as many as ten anglers housed in five rooms double occupancy rooms with private bath and shower. The rooms have comfortable beds, electricity, and heater. We always recommend traveling with a headlamp, water bottle and ear plugs. 

Excellent hearty meals and dinners complete with wine are served in the main lodge. This is a fun gathering spot with a large dining table, plenty of light and busy cooking staff. Coffee, tea, snacks as well as beer and wine are always close at hand.

Sample Itinerary:

Full Week (6.5+ fishing days)
Day 1: Depart home.
Day 2: (Friday) Arrive in Buenos Aires in the morning. Transfer to the domestic airport for flight to Comodoro Rivadavia. Overnight at elected hotel.
Day 3 (Saturday): Take early charter flight from Comodoro Rivadavia to Jurassic Lake Lodge. Arrive to Jurassic Lake Lodge after 1 hour flight. Full day of fishing.
Day 4 – 9 (Sunday-Friday): Six full days of fishing.
Day 9 (Saturday):  Take early charter flight from Jurassic Lake Lodge to Comodoro Rivadavia. Arrive to Comodoro Rivadavia before Noon. Return flight to Buenos Aires. Transfer to international airport for late flight home.



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