2021 Availability - Silver Seekers
Jesse Robbins
December 16, 2020

Silver Seekers, British Columbia

For anglers looking for short stays, great accommodations and most importantly, the ability to fly into the Upper Copper River with an expert guide, this is the program. Head guide and lodge owner Jim Britton is a second-generation steelhead guide from the Bulkley Valley with more than 30 years of local steelhead guiding experience. Jim also has what few other have: the ultra-coveted rights and rod days to heli-guide the uppermost reaches of the Copper River. Were there ever a steelhead paradise, this is it.

2021 Availability:
  • August 30 - September 10: 2 rods
  • September 23: 2 rods
  • September 29 - October 7: 2 rods
  • October 14 - 20: 2 rods
  • October 23 - 30: 2 rods


Director of Travel Sales

Ken Morrish

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