2021 King Salmon Availability - Togiak Wilderness Spey
Jesse Robbins
December 30, 2020
The mighty king salmon may just be the baddest freshwater fish one can tangle with. Combine the short season, specialized tackle, their overall size, tenacity and the nearly unpredictable nature of these beasts, and it becomes clear that you will earn every Chinook salmon you touch. This is a special species, one that should be cherished and protected whenever possible, and is deserving of much respect. When you do tame the beast, take a moment, look in its eyes. You will gain an understanding why these fish are king and it will likely change you and your angling forever.

Togiak Wilderness Spey

Fly Water Travel and Epic Waters Angling are proud to introduce a new exclusive tent camp on Alaska’s prolific Togiak River. The Togiak is a big, brawling southwest Alaskan river renowned for its abundant returns of king salmon in addition to a host of other worthy species. Long thought to be too much river for fly anglers to effectively target kings, the Spey fishing revolution along with the anadromous experts at Epic Waters recently changed that assumption forever. Their 2019 exploratory season was extremely successful with much higher catch rates than they had hoped for. From the comfort of a simple six-person tent camp, guests are now able to target the west’s most underutilized king system. This hearty program will be best suited to advanced anglers who cherish long hours on the water, campfires, and a high number of large hard-fighting kings.

There are limited availabilities remaining for next seasons so act quickly if you're up for the challenge in 2021!

  • July 4 - 9: 3 spots
  • July 9 - 14: 1 spot
  • July 14 - 19: 6 spots

Destination Manager

David Kalinowski

Alaska, Kamchatka

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