Anglers Inn El Salto Lake Trip Details

Included / Not Included: – 

Included: Four days of guided fishing, five nights lodging (double occupancy), meals/beverages at lodge, fishing license, and ground transportation.
Not Included: Airfare, staff and guide gratuities, terminal tackle, additional fishing ($185 per half day fishing), and spa services.

Arrival information: To get to the Anglers Inn on El Salto Lake you need to fly to Mazatlan, Mexico. Most travelers will schedule flights to arrive Mazatlan in the early to mid-afternoon. You will be met at the airport by the Anglers Inn staff who see that your luggage is placed in your ground transportation vehicles and then proceed to Anglers Inn Lakeside Lodge at Lake El Salto.
Getting to the lodge: The transfer from the airport to the lodge is approximately 1 ½ hours in the lodge van on a paved highway. Cold beverages will be provided during the shuttle ride to the lodge. Upon arrival you will be greeted by the Anglers Inn staff and sample one of their special Margaritas.
Departure information: IMPORTANT: If your package includes an extra ½ day of fishing on arrival or departure day, you will need to schedule your flights accordingly. If you take your ½ day fishing on arrival day, you will want to arrive Mazatlan in the morning or early afternoon at the latest. If you take your ½ day fishing on departure day, you will want to schedule your departing flight after 2:30PM.

Airlines Serving Mazatlan: Continental Airlines, America West, Alaska Airlines, Aero California, Mexicana, and Aero Mexico Airlines.

For assistance in making your travel plans please contact:
Alicia Regueiro
Holdy Tours
2065 North Broadway #204
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

You need a valid US passport to enter Mexico. It is highly recommended that US citizens present a passport that is valid for at least six months after the last day of the trip. If you hold citizenship in a country other than the United States, please check with your national consulate / passport center for citizenship documents required for travel to Mexico.

Travel Insurance and Medical Evacuation Coverage:
Travel insurance is an excellent way to protect your investment in your trip. In addition, membership in an annual medical evacuation plan is recommended for anyone who travels internationally (or to remote domestic locations) on a regular basis. We recommend Global Rescue for medical evacuation coverage and Travelex Insurance for travel insurance. For more information on travel insurance and medical evacuation coverage, please see Travel Insurance and Medical Evacuation Coverage explained.

Travel Regulations:
Before your departure we encourage you to review the current government and regulations for Air Travel. Current government rules can be found on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website.

We encourage you to visit the web site of your air carrier(s) to confirm their current rules for carry-on and checked baggage. The rules and regulations are changing on a regular basis so please check these sites prior to your departure date.

Travel and Health Considerations:
You may want to check theU.S. State Department website. This site gives country specific information, travel alerts, etc. There are no mandatory inoculations required for travel to Chile; however, we encourage you to check out current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations for Mexico. We recommend bringing insect repellant for protection against biting insects – mosquitoes, no-see-ums, black flies, etc.

Air Travel Rules and Regulations:
Before your departure we encourage you to review the current government and regulations for Air Travel. Current government rules can be found on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) web site:

In addition you may want to check the US Government website: This site gives country specific information, travel alerts, etc.

You should also visit the web site of your air carrier(s) to confirm their current rules for carry-on and checked baggage. The rules and regulations are changing on a regular basis so please check these sites prior to your departure date.

The Mexican monetary system is based on the Peso. The lodge only accepts cash (US $ or Pesos) as payment for all incidentals (gratuities, phone calls, souvenirs etc.) US money is accepted at the lodge at the current exchange rate. Credit cards are NOT accepted.

All lodging, goods and service taxes (GST) are included in your package price.

Travel Cash:
The lodge only accepts cash. We recommend each guest travel with approximately $350-$600 for gratuities, spa treatments, and miscellaneous gifts. Most of the restaurants and shops in the larger cities take credit cards (Visa/Mastercard).

Gratuities are a personal preference but we recommend $20 per day for the staff and $50 per boat for the fishing guide.

Note: 2 envelopes are provided for each angler at the end of the stay (one for staff gratuity and one for the guide gratuity).

Fishing Licenses:
Fishing license is included in your package price.

From November through March the mornings are cool, requiring a light jacket or sweatshirt. By mid-day, the temperature rises to the high 70’s or low 80’s. After March the midday temperature will rise to the high 80’s through the mid-90s. It is still cool enough on the lake in the morning to require a light jacket. The rooms are air-conditioned rooms and dining rooms for your comfort. Also, the intensity of the sun in the tropics influences the style of clothing that is recommended.

El Salto Weather:

El Salto Time

Medical Facilities:
The closest hospital is in Mazatlan located 1 hour 30 minutes from the lodge.

Power and Communications:
The standard power is US 110V (no adaptor needed). WiFi and house computers are available for guests to use during their stay.

We do NOT recommend you drinking the water from the tap. We recommend you use the bottle water provided for brushing your teeth. However the ice is safe to drink at the lodge. Purified bottled water, bottled exclusively for Anglers Inn, is provided in boats and at the lodge.

Quick dry pants and shorts, long sleeved quick dry shirts, casual cotton pants, shorts and shirts, sandals, hat with wide brim, sun gloves, bandana, lightweight socks to protect your feet while in the boat, lightweight rain coat.

Laundry service is included in your package. Just speak with one of Angler’s Inn staff for assistance.

Anglers Inn’s package provides open bar (national drinks only: vodka, tequila, rum, kahlua), margaritas, beer, soft drinks and bottled water in rooms and boats. We recommend bringing your own liquor bottle of preference.

“My fish went 9-pounds, and Diane's was 9 ½ lbs. Both were taken on poppers.
- Ray Narbaitz

Fly Rods
7 – 9 weight (7 ½ to 9 feet)
Most anglers prefer rods in the 8 to 9 weight class. Fly rods should be 7½ to 9 feet in length. You should bring at least two rods. The extra rod(s) will not only serve as a spare in the event of breakage, but will also allow you to setup multiple rods with different flies and/or fly lines. No messing with changing spools or flies, just grab the rod you want and make the cast!

Fly Reels
High quality machined aluminum reels with a disk drag. You will want to make sure that your reel’s drag system will operate well in the tropical environment – warm and humid conditions.

Fly Lines for Bass… Warm-water fly lines are ESSENTIAL!
It is ideal for you to bring 3 different fly lines to cover all fishing situations – listed below:
FLOATING fly line for fishing topwater flies (NOTE: overline your rods by 1 or 2 line weights) Suggested Fly Lines: Sage Largemouth [330gr.], Rio Bass Taper, or Sage Equator Taper II

INTERMEDIATE TIP for maximum depth control of subsurface fly presentation. Suggested Fly Line: Rio Outbound Short w/ clear intermediate tip

TYPE 3 SINK TIP for subsurface fishing. Suggested Fly Line: Rio Outbound Type 3

Optional: FAST SINK TIP for pursuing Bass in deep water (any “Teeny-style” sink tip 200 – 300 grains)

Recommendation: If you have a fast action fly rod, we recommend over-lining your rod by at least one line weight (8 weight fly rod lined with a 9 or 10 weight fly line). This enables the fly line to load the rod at shorter distances and, also, cast large wind resistant bass flies. EXCEPTION: Rio Outbound fly lines are already over-weighted for their given line designation.

Leaders / Tippet
Top-Water Leaders:
Rio Striped Bass Leader (7 foot, 22# test- yes, 22 lb test.)
Maxima Ultra Green in 20# -- OR -- RioMax Tippet 22#

Streamer Leaders (subsurface)
Level mono or fluorocarbon tippet in 20 lb. test

Bass “Bugs” – Fly List
You will need to bring a variety of bass flies to maximize your angling success at Anglers Inn. The variety of environs often call for flies that fish on the surface or subsurface. We recommend bringing AT LEAST 2 dozen total – there is a lot of structure above and below the surface (submerged trees, brush, buildings, rebar, etc…) Weed guards (50 lb test) are highly recommended!

Top-Water Flies
Pike Fly (3/0)
Swimming Baitfish (colors: shad, red/white or red/yellow; size - 1/0)
Swimming Frog (colors: white belly, orange belly; size 2)
Bubble-Head (colors: white, bronze/gold, blue/silver or olive/silver; size 2 – 2/0)
Blados’ Crease Fly (colors: silver or blue back; size 1/0)
Pultz’s Poppers (colors: black/chartreuse, black/silver, silver fleck; sizes 2)

Subsurface Flies
Gummy Minnow (colors: brown or pearl; sizes 2 to 2/0)
Blanton’s Flashtail Whistler (color: red/white; size 2/0)
Clouser Minnow (color: chartreuse/white, brown over yellow/white; size 2 - 2/0)
Barr’s Meat Whistle (color: crawdad; size 3/0)
Whitlock’s Hare Grub (color: motor oil; size 2)
Miller’s Mighty Minnow (color: tan/white; size 4)

Other Important Gear
Waterproof Boat Bag: A waterproof boat bag or dry bag is very handy for storing rain gear, tackle, camera equipment, etc.

Blanton’s “Rigged ‘N Ready” rod bags: Essential for protecting rigged rods while the boat is running and for stowing unused rods while fishing.

Finger Stripping Guard: Important to protect your fingers from line burn and abrasion from continuous stripping of fly line over your line finger.

Line clippers, pliers, and hook file/sharpener: These are absolutely essential.

Lenses Wipes: Great for removing water spots, sweat, sunscreen, etc. from sunglasses while out on the water.

Hand Towel: Very useful for cushioning rods during rough boat rides and/or wiping fish slimed hands.

SPF Sunscreen and lip balm: Waterproof sunscreen and lip balm is essential for maintaining protection from sun exposure in the tropics.

Insect Repellant: Important for protection against biting insects – mosquitoes, no-see-ums, black flies, etc.

First Aid Kit: Essential when minor first aid is needed while on the water.