Argentina Sea-Trout and Dorado Tour
By Jake Crawford
May 18, 2021

Experience the ultimate Argentina adventure for two intrepid anglers. This custom itinerary starts with a journey to the southernmost tip of Tierra del Fuego to chase trophy sea-trout on the remote and intimate Rio Irigoyen at World’s End Lodge. Next two guests will enjoy a seamless transfer to target sea-trout on the larger and incomparable Rio Grande at the region’s original fly fishing lodge Kau Tapen. Concluding the sea-trout tour, you will then head north to pursue trophy golden dorado on the Upper Parana in northern Argentina with the expert guides at Dorados on the Fly.

World's End Lodge
The most remote, wild, and scenic trophy sea-trout river in Argentina.​
Kau Tapen Lodge
The original sea-run brown trout fly fishing lodge in Tierra de Fuego and the standard of elegance by which other lodges are measured.
Dorados on the Fly
One of the best destinations for dorado anywhere.

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Jake Crawford

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