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Tsimane Report!

From Rodrigo Salles at Untamed Angling:

“Tsimane Lodge has reached almost mid season facing new challenges but wonderful rewards. Low water, no rain, and one of the biggest droughts of last years in the National Park. Our guides have worked really hard to find the secret of these waters during these very technical weeks. Now some good drops of rain fall on the top of our roof, but we really need the real thing here.”

“These days it is hard to get results, but impressive and hard to forget when reached. Tsimane waters can bring the most rewarding days of the entire season. When you don’t have the fish in your backyard you need to navigate more, walk, hike and sweat. As a unique gift, this hard work deserves the most beautiful frames and backgrounds of Tsimane.”

Thanks to Rodrigo Salles of Untamed Angling for this great report and photos!

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