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Crane Meadow Lodge Report

Fishing continues to be strong in the Rockies as the season starts winding down. Here is a Crane Meadow Lodge report from our good friend and host extraordinaire John Pinto:

“What a great trip! Starting with the weather (not even mittens!) and ending with lots of new friends made around the table and the fire ring.

Too bad most of you had to get back to the office early. On our last day at the ranch, Paul and I each caught 25 brown trout on the dry, most over 30 inches. Paul also managed to hook a 17-foot sturgeon, which unfortunately broke off in a back eddy after a 3-hour fight. After fishing, we tooled around the property on horseback, and caught a glimpse of a wolf pack, several camels, and were charged by a bull elephant. Whew! Those dudes can really move!

As it turned out, there was a small delegation of European chefs who descended on the property that evening, so we enjoyed a 5-course meal washed down with great wine, including a ’92 CHÂTEAU LAFITE ROTHSCHILD. A small section of the Ruby River was cordoned off with a rock dam and warmed up to make a hot tub, and while we all soaked away the day’s drama, Cody projected “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” on a giant screen with Surround Sound set up on the lawn. All the guides got a little weepy at the final scene. The evening ended with a foot massage and facial for each guest, delivered in your personal cabin, while Big Dave read each camper a bedtime story from their favorite Dr. Seuss book. Tyler hummed lullaby’s softly in the background for a half hour after lights-out. Bummer you weren’t there.

See you all again next year… John”

Sounds like one heckuva trip!

Give us a call toll-free at 800-552-2729 if you’re interested in visiting Crane Meadow Lodge for some late-season trout fishing!!