Well the rain that everyone was wishing for finally showed up in Smithers, BC this weekend. We’ll let Derek Botchford of Frontier Farwest Lodge describe the situation:

“Gone are the days of floating effervescently over a run and seeing the precise rock that has provided shelter for your steelhead so consistently over the last 5 weeks. Gone are the days where our guides can meander down a beach looking at the ghostlike shadows of large steelhead who are about to get caught as a dry fly methodically works towards it.

Yes the Bulkley has blown out, chocolate colored amazon water pouring over our favorite runs. I had heard many people saying we need rain, and that the fish were getting stale, well be careful what you wish for. The sky opened up and in a 24 hour period it dropped 35 ml of rain in our valley.

The two ways to deal with a blow out are to reminisce of weeks gone by where sight casting to steelhead in pristine clear water was the norm. Or look to the future when the water crests and recedes opening up new seams and placing hungry, aggressive steelhead on the beaches just waiting for our flies. As any of us who steelhead fish know, it takes extraordinary events to provide extraordinary fishing, and we keep this motto close at hand as we anticipate what will happen next.”

Well said, Derek.