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Nelson Ishiyama loves the Henry’s Fork. As owner of Henry’s Fork Lodge, Nelson’s deep affection for and knowledge of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River knows no bounds. We often use the phrase “they really have their finger on the pulse of that fishery.” Well, Nelson is the pulse of the Henry’s Fork.

While we’ve all been battling tough conditions on our favorite trout streams, or just not fishing at all and waiting for better conditions, anglers in the Island Park area have been enjoying some great fishing on the Henry’s Fork. Following is the official report from the river’s pulse, Nelson Ishiyama:

Some great news from the Henry’s Fork!

  • The water is clear and the dry fly fishing is on fire
  • This year’s record snowpack means the prime fishing will last much longer than usual
  • Henry’s Fork Lodge has some great dates available in July and August

Though most of the northern Rockies are in runoff with high and murky water, the Henry’s Fork is in great shape. Spring fed and buffered further by a dam, the Henry’s Fork is virtually weatherproof, so you are assured of good conditions in this and other years.

Tremendous golden stone hatches, multiple mayfly hatches, including the famed green drakes, pale morning duns and clouds of gray drakes and many species of caddis have the fish rising to a smorgasbord of insects.

Many anglers have reported career days and personal best fish on dry flies in the past weeks, and photos verify their tales. Most fish are in the 16-18” range, but many fish of 20-23” have been caught by happy anglers. One guide who recorded 32 fish of a measured 20” or better last year reports that one client has caught 10 fish of that size so far in four days of fishing this season.

The usual hatch schedule has been delayed into the season, so the coming weeks and months should offer extended excellent fishing. Once other rivers in the Yellowstone area come into shape, the choices will expand even more.

Henry’s Fork Lodge has some prime dates in July and August, so it’s not too late to book a trip for what promises to be an especially great season in this abundant water year.

Jim and Jim Lenardson, father and son, team up with a gorgeous cutthroat on a small stream near Island Park, Idaho

Russ Graham with a set of healthy browns from the lower Henry's Fork.

John Ellis with another big brown trout caught below Mesa Falls on the Henry's Fork.

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