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A number of concerned anglers have contacted us regarding the recent news from Venezuelan president Hugo Chaves.  “Hugo Chavez announced recently that his government will expropriate homes on the Caribbean resort islands of Los Roques, saying the structures were built on plots bought in shadowy business deals.”

As is somewhat usual the media has put the story out without the crucial details we need.  To get to the bottom of it we checked with the owners of Sight Cast Outfitters, and they gave us all the details.

YES the government will be taking over some private homes within the archipelago of Los Roques.  However they will be on the small island of Madris Key.  Madris Key is a small island close to the main island of Grand Roque.  All the fishing operations are located on Grand Roque.  This ruling will NOT affect the island of Grande Roque, or any of the fishing lodges on it.

If you would like to talk about the details of a trip to Los Roques please feel free to call us any time.  800-552-2729