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Fly Water clients Don and Pat recently returned from the Amazon with a glowing report. Their experience typifies much of what we hear from guests returning from this incredible destination.

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We survived the Amazon!  What an incredible experience and adventure full of fun peacock bass fishing: Monkeys swinging from trees overhead (at times), beautiful unusual birds, guides (remarkably knowledgable..they knew the water filled jungle like the back of their hand) and we stayed in very comfortable air conditioned floating lodges.  The staff was great as well providing delicious meals and cleaning our clothes and rooms daily.

Don & I caught a lot of fish from 2 lbs to over 10 lbs.  We didn’t catch the largest or the most of our group of eight: the largest was 14 lbs and most caught was over 100 per day.  Since the water was up, it was difficult casting amongst the trees; therefore, it was tough fishing at times. Though, Don & I did catch fish every day!

We stayed in floating cabins that changed locations daily depending on the fishing results of that days outings.  Outfitters didn’t want the guide boats  to travel very far from camp each day to maximize our fishing time and results.  We changed camps about three different times along the Amazon’s Rio Negro river; and, each location got more beautiful than the last.  Our last location was “spectacular” which included a “large white” sand bar… most of us even went swimming in the Amazon River with cocktails in hand, peacock bass, catfish, Piranha, and other things swimming about.  We did see crocodiles here and there but only two on the whole trip…others “never” saw them. National Geographic is full of crap, you can swim safely in the Amazon.. With water temperature in the high 70’s it was quite comfortably refreshing, safe and fun! It was an incredibly fun filled trip, a trip of a life time.