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Vladivostok Air has announced that it will begin scheduled summer service from Anchorage to Kamchatka. Thus again providing easy access for adventuresome anglers seeking monster mouse eating rainbows, high-flying salmon and vast tracts of virgin wilderness!

Beginning July 12 and extending through September 13 (flights cross the international dateline):

  • Departs Anchorage on a Thursday at 6:40AM and arrives in Petropavlovsk at 8:00AM Friday
  • Departs Petropavlovsk at 8:00PM on Thursday and arrives in Anchorage at 4:10AM that same day

One and two week packages are available with options to visit the Ozernaya, Kabushka, or Two Yurt rivers. Give Ken or Brian a call today for more information on arranging your dream trip to Kamchatka at 800-552-2729!

Kabuska: There are a great many remarkable trout rivers in Kamchatka, Russia; however, when getting from here to there is anything but easy, there is one in particular that will all but guarantee your results are more than worth your efforts. Protected by its code name “the Cabbage,” the Kapushka is ideally suited to self sufficient anglers who enjoy thoroughly working a river on foot. Its broad shallow flows are easy to wade but landing its monster trout is another thing altogether. Conservative estimates place the system’s average trout at 24 inches with specimens of 30 inches landed on almost every float. More remarkable is that these fish are incredibly thick for their size making a shot at a trout in the 15-20 pound class a distinct possibility.  Our outfitter has many years experience on the river and prefers letting anglers wade fish the meandering flows while the rafts, equipped with comfortable camping equipment bring up the rear. Typically the designated float length will be less than 30 total miles, enabling game anglers to walk and wade the vast majority of the river over the course of a week. With a handful of mice, some big streamers, and a solid eight weight, this is the ultimate Kamchatka trip.  See Full Trip Details

Two Yurt: The Two-Yurt River is a classic and varied wilderness freestone stream in the heart of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Large enough to be mysterious yet small enough to cross, it is the ideal trout stream, with large numbers of rainbows averaging 20 inches and some as large as 30 inches. In addition to rainbows, the stream boasts impressive runs of Pacific salmon as well as large grayling. Trips consist of a day of walk-and-wade fishing followed by a float trip to a series of comfortable, fixed camps equipped with heated A-frames, framed cots, mess tents, hot showers, good food, and evening campfires. To add to the adventure, anglers row themselves downstream each day in personal pontoon boats, stopping at will to skate mice through an endless array of seductive water. This is a truly classic trip through some of the Kamchatka Peninsula’s most beautiful and productive trophy trout waters. For all who enjoy true multi-day river trips, rowing their own boats (through non-technical waters), and epic mouse and streamer fishing for hearty unsophisticated wild rainbows, this is the finest and most scenic trip available in all of Russia. The Dvukhyurtochnaya River (referred to as Two – Yurt) is a beautiful small freestone river that headwaters some 3 1/2 hours north of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in a remote mountainous region. The river flows out of Dvukhyurtochnaya lake and is a rather stable system that receives enormous runs of sockeye and king salmon. The river typically flows between 200 and 400 c.f.s. and is easily crossed in many areas.  See Full Trip Details

Ozernaya: Simply put, the Ozernaya is hailed as one of Kamchatak’s greatest trout fisheries. A broad and shallow river reminiscent of the Henry’s Fork, the Ozernaya is home to incredible populations of rainbows in the 20 to 27 inch class, trophy grayling, kundzha, Dolly Varden and coho. No matter when you visit this river, all you will need is a solid 7-weight, a floating line, a fistful of mice and sculpin, and a strong fish-fighting arm! Anglers sleep streamside in simple, comfortable, two-person A-frame cabins complete with built-in padded cots, light and heat. The camp features a classic Russian banya (hot shower tent) and a main dining tent where hearty meals, beer and vodka are served each evening. Anglers will access more than thirty miles of pristine water with the aid of aluminum jet boats and skilled American and Russian guides. All fishing is done while wading and there are a number of interesting walk-and-wade tributaries awaiting adventuresome anglers. For those who want to experience the ultimate combination of high catch rates, large and unsophisticated rainbows, and true Russian wilderness, this is the ultimate trip. The Ozernaya has been called the greatest trout stream of all time. We believe the Ozernaya is the crown jewel of Kamchatka; a spring creek with an unbelievable number of large Rainbows averaging well over 20 inches. Easy to wade and gin clear, much of the fishing is visual. The Ozernaya has every single ingredient for large rainbow trout: bugs, salmon, and a large sculpin population. The Oz is also blessed with fabulous runs of silver salmon ready to explode on wogs or poppers. These chrome bright battlers, available from early August until the end of the season, are sure to test your will.  See Full Trip Details