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Tsimane Bolivia Update

Tsimane Bolivia Update

The fishing operation we consider to be one of the most interesting in the world has faced some significant hurdles over the past couple of years. First the news that several anglers had contracted Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (a nasty little disease carried by infected female sandflies) sent a major shock wave through the angling community. Since the operation and visiting anglers have become aware of this disease (which occurs in over 80 countries were the weather and warm and sandflies roam) there have been no reported cases. Basic common sense adjustments including no longer fishing in shorts and shirt sleeves, wearing bug dope when near the native villages, spraying around the lodges and sleeping under bug nets have all proven incredibly successful.

Their next challenge pertained to the native Tsimane people’s protest of building a super highway right through the center of the national park in which they live and operate. The highway, which was to connect Brazil with the Pacific, was a big money deal and their successful protest greatly enraged Bolivian president Evo Morales, leading him to temporarily revoke their license to operate the two lodges that we refer to as Tsimane. This, in turn, lead to renegotiations with the government, the establishment of a new highway route (that did not go through the park) and the government eventually re-issuing Tsimane’s permits. The problem was that this re-issue process took longer than expected and forced all anglers booked in Aril May and early June to reschedule to later dates. It was a real disappointment for those anglers and we feel very badly for all who got dragged through that process.

But the good news is that this operation is now up and running again and we could not be happier. I still maintain that the week I spent there was the single most interesting and rewarding week of fishing in my adult life…the coolest trip ever. Have a look over my trip report for the full story.  They still have some great openings for this season so if you are thinking about it…just do it!


 Current Tsimane Availability                                                                                                          

June 12-20                         1 Rods
July 22-30                          4 Rods
July 30-Aug 7                    5 Rods
Aug. 23-31                          2 Rods
Aug 27-Sept 4                   6 Rods
Sept 20-28                          1 Rods
Sept 24-Oct 2                    5 Rods
Sept 28-Oct 6                    1 Rods
Oct 14-22                           6 Rods
Oct 18-26                           4 Rods
Oct 22-30                           6 Rods