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Below is a selection of images which I feel pretty well sum up what a fly fishing trip to Chilean Patagonia is all about.

The "Old West" is still very much alive and this might be a typical traffic jam while heading to the river

Impressive mountain peaks are all around like the one in the back we call the Witch's Tit

There are terrestrials - lots of terrestrials. This is a Cantaria Beetle which can be a big as your thumb

And of course, lots of hoppers

More often than not, you'll spend your whole day exploring a river without seeing another angler

You'll find brown trout in Chile and lots of them

Sometimes these browns are ridiculously well fed!

And sometimes they are incredibly beautiful

You may even find wild browns and cohos holding in the same run!

Trout inhabiting the stillwaters in Chile love to eat these juicy dragonflies

And on warm days you may see browns like this launch more than 3 feet out of the water in pursuit of them

Rainbow trout at places like Lago Yelcho will do the same thing


There are several really nice lodges in Chile in some amazing settings like the Chucao Lodge at Lago Rosselot


These images reflect just a fraction of what Chile has to offer the adventurous angler.  For more info on Chile’s best lodges and guides visit: