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Here’s the latest report from Damon Scott, Ranch Manager and Head Guide at El Rancho Pinoso:

“I took Gary and Peter Rawlinson out for a day trip last week, it was a birthday present from Peter (son) to Gary (dad) for his 71st birthday. According to Gary it was the best birthday ever.

We have been dealing with some high after noon air and water temps so we decided to doa split day as they live close and could take a long break mid day. We fished 9-1:30pm and caught at least 30 fish between the two of them on a Royal Stimi size 10- Flying Wing black ant size 12-14 tandem rig. They ate the ant most of the time. Gary told me he never fished ants as they are so difficult to see. When I explained to him that was what the giant Stimi was for he smiled. I think he will fish ants more in the future.

We picked back up at 5:00pm, and fished until we couldn’t see. The ant was still producing but we moved to a redish brown Hairwing size 12 that was unstoppable. A size 14 JC Special was also very productive. Needless to say they dry fly action was silly as we approached dusk.

All in all we landed over 60 fish for the day, most on dry’s. The largest being a 21 inch bow that took Peter and over 20 minutes to play and land. Not bad for a days work.

The rains have started and we are looking better and better every day.”

“We met our guide on site and opted to break the day and eat lunch at home. We live just down the road. Damon was excellent. He put us on the fish with every cast. A wonderful birthday for me. I sent Damon a picture of he and my son with a nice fish.” – Gary Rawlinson