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The political climate in Venezuela has certainly been tense the last few weeks as recent elections to determine Chavez’s replacement resulted in clashes between police and protestors. We are happy to report that our friends at Sight Cast in the Los Roques archipelago have been thankfully operating business as usual through the turmoil. Anglers are safely flying in and out of Caracas and transferred by professional, top notch coordinators. All stay away from Caracas proper and once at the lodge, adventurous clients are treated to some of the best bonefishing and flats angling this world has to offer.

Upon his return I asked our great client, Andy if he had any double digit landed bonefish days, his response was classic, “Did I? Um yeah, like in the first two hours!” Andy had good weather, all be it very windy but was fortunate to hit it close enough to “just right” that world class results were posted.

Sight Cast – Los Roques, Venezuela


Among many landed bonefish (some of them pushing 8lbs), Andy also had tangled with bonita, tarpon, jacks, triggerfish and snook!


A beauty snook comes to hand for Andy!

photo 3

Fly Water Travel client Greg lands this perfect Bonita, pocket rocket of the sea!

photo 12

Greg with another nice Los Roques bonefish!

photo 2

Greg with a beautiful baby tarpon from the backwater lagoon.

For adventurous anglers looking to experience some of the best flats fishing in the world and larger bonefish on average than Belize and Mexico, do not look past Sight Cast and Los Roques, Venezuela.