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Would you like a great flats shirt and to also help out the Christmas Island guides at the same time?

100% of the profits from the sales of these shirts will go towards purchasing new equipment for the guides (flats boots, hats, tropical flats-wear, tools, etc.).

There’s little doubt that the guides at Christmas Island Outfitters represent some of the very finest flats guides in the world. Their eyes and ability to spot fish is uncanny and anyone who has spent time fishing with them can speak to their ability to almost “sense” when fish are present. Couple their technical skill with their good natured, exceedingly patient and warm hearted personalities and it’s easy to see why anglers come back to fish with them year after year.

In order to take one more step in helping them do their job, Fly Water Travel and the Ashland Fly Shop have decided to offer Christmas Island guide (Redington Lost River T) shirts for sale.

Available now from the Ashland Fly Shop HERE.