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El Rancho Pinoso, Colorado


From our good friend Dave Leibson, Manager at El Rancho Pinoso:
Well the month of June is moving fast. So far the ranch has seen river flows heading down the scale. The Rio Blanco peaked just under 500 CFS back on June 1st and its been steady cruising downward since. We are still seeing cooler temps in the evenings and even a little frost took me by surprise, (along with the flowers) last night .

The fishing has been fantastic in the mornings. The water has had great visibility till around 3PM then the heat of the day takes over and things start to get a little off color. I got a chance to get out yesterday afternoon and rigged up a big stone fly dry followed by a copper stone in a size 14 that I whipped up over the winter. The fish are not quite looking up, however its not far away. The Stones are starting to hatch along with larger midges, some hoppers, the occasional caddis fly milling around and big black ants are cruising the banks.

Here are some photos from our sister ranch The Notch. I was up there a few weeks ago and fished the ponds on the ranch. The river was still running a bit too high to fish but boy was it nice to see some very healthy browns. I think we caught over 10 fish that day on streamers and buggers. I even hooked into a few on a Kaufman Stimulator later in the day. Good times!




ERP’s calendar for the season looks great but we do have some exclusive dates in September that are available. If you’re looking for that perfect fishing trip in a picture perfect setting, with miles of river to call your own, there is still a chance to book. All of our guests at El Rancho Pinoso, and our sister ranch, Weminuche Valley Ranch, have exclusivity during their visit. That means you have the whole ranch to yourself, unlike other fishing lodges. We offer our guests over 10 miles of easy walking / wading, first class private water for fly fishing, over 2000 acres for hiking or horseback riding, and superb meals prepared by the best chefs in the area.

El Rancho Pinoso is an undiscovered gem and is one of the finest and most fairly priced private water venues in the West. Come visit us for a vacation of a lifetime or spend the day on a guided fishing trip that will amaze even the most discerning anglers.

We hope to see you this summer.
Dave Leibson / Ranch Manager

Give us a call at 800-552-2729 to  book your September trip to El Rancho Pinoso!