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El Rancho Pinoso, Colorado


Our good friend Jim Hurley has recently returned from a spectacular trip to El Rancho Pinoso in southern Colorado. Jim was so inspired by the experience he took a short break from fishing to write a poem. You can see a few of Jim’s pictures and the poem below.

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Floating Lines

Our casting hands have been tanned
by a thousand wishful throws.
We’re chasing the rainbow flash
that only a river knows.

The San Juan range rises,
inspires and surrounds.
We feel little and big
in all that abounds.

The Stone, the Blanco,
the Weminuche,
we’re plying the streams
with Rodney, the pooch.

A silver form rises,
then ignores the appeal.
We grant him his due
so our egos can heal.

Then a strike comes like lightening,
and real thunder rolls.
Now we seek the trout more
than saving our souls.

When the time comes for leaving the Ranch of the Pines,
the rods have been pieced and the waders are dry,
the cork has been pulled from each of the wines,
and the rivers run quiet again in a purpled morning sky.

Rich, John and Jeff, and Ed joined by Jim.
Setting off on the road, all look back,
hoping to God that the memories won’t dim,
but assured it’s not friendship they lack.

–Jim Hurley
Somewhere on the Rio Blanco
July, 2014