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For serious two-handed steelhead and salmon anglers fishing the wild free-flowing Atlantic salmon rivers of Russia’s Kola Peninsula is a must. These rivers have strong returns of large, dime-bright wild fish, some of which exceed 30 pounds. Anglers enjoy large beats of water where your solitude is absolutely assured. Please read on to see what prime dates are available on the Kola Peninsula for the coming season. It is truly one of the greatest fishing venues in the anadromous angling world.

Rynda LodgeArguably the most interesting and nuanced of the Kola’s big fish rivers with the finest accommodations in the region.
Available Dates:
June 13 – 20 = 2 rods

Rate = $10,500.00 USD per person

Kharlovka LodgeA legendary big fish system with beats on the home river as well as beats on the remarkable Eastern Litza River.
Available Dates:
June 13 – 20 = 2 rods

Rate = $17,900.00 USD per person

Yokanga Main Camp What many consider to be the biggest and burliest of Kola’s trophy systems. A proven winner.
Available Dates:
1) June 13 – 20 = 2 rods
2) June 27 – July 4 = 2 rods

Rate =
1) GB£10, 800.00 per person (roughly $17,600.00 USD)
2) GB£9,950.00 per person (roughly $16,000.000 USD)

Ryabaga Camp, Ponoi RiverThis is the river and the camp that made Kola salmon fishing famous. This camp continues to boast the highest catch rates of wild Atlantic salmon in the world with 30-40 landed fish per angler being common-place.
Available Dates:
1) June 20 – 27 = multiple rods
2) June 27 – July 4 = multiple rods
3) August 15 – 22 = multiple rods

Rate =
1) $13,490.00 per person
2) $11,490.00 per person
3) $11, 990.00 per person

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