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We have 1 spot left on this amazing trip to Bair’s lodge in the Bahamas with legendary angler Lani Waller. The price has been reduced to $2,800.00 based on double occupancy.

Please give us a call now to claim this last spot to bonefish paradise with hall of famer Lani Waller.

Join Lani Waller on the expansive flats of Andros Island, Bahamas next Spring at Bair’s Lodge!

Dates: April 8 – 15, 2015 (only 1 left!)

Rate: $5,450.00 per person based on double occupancy

Please contact Dylan Rose at 800.552.2729 or by email HERE for more information.

By Lani Waller:

It had been more than several years since I had been to the Bahamas.  It had been  a very long time. As we landed in Congo Town on April 6th, 2014 and got our bags in the vans for the short drive to Bair’s Lodge, I wondered if Andros would be as I remembered.

I had fished Andros with legendary bonefish guide Rupert Leardon and  as I sat in the van now in the spring of 2014 headed for Bairs Lodge I could see Rupert and myself  years ago looking right down the throats of so many ten pound bonefish I couldn’t count them.  I didn’t get any of that size but it wasn’t anyone’s  fault but my own.  A  legitimate ten  pounder can make your hands tremble and your line go everywhere except where it should.  That’s part of the game and in my opinion if you don’t get excited, you are in the wrong place doing the wrong thing… even if you make the right cast.


Once we were settled into our rooms the managers gave us a thorough and very professional review of what we should expect.  And they weren’t kidding.  Bair’s turned out to be a five star fishing lodge with the staff, equipment, food and accommodations to match the ambiance and mood of a legitimate world class fishing resort.

The daily routine is easy, relaxed and perfectly managed.  Breakfast is served around 7:30 am and we were off to go fishing around 8:15- 8:30.  Sometimes the rides are short, to nearby flats which take only ten to twenty minutes to reach.  Other times we traveled farther- down to the south for almost untouched wilderness flats.


On some of the flats we saw schools of fish in excess of two to three hundred fish.  Mixed in with the smaller one to two pound fish were some of the monsters of Andros, pushing eight to twelve pounds. Sometimes we encountered these large fish in singles or doubles. And it is indeed a good way to get nervous.

The guides were terrific- knowledgeable, patient and friendly.  That helped all of us have a truly good experience.  None of us were “professional” bonefishing experts.  You can’t be one of those  if you only fish bonefish for a week or two each year.  It didn’t matter.

The guides kept us “in the bucket” and most days we had many great  shots at so many cruising and feeding fish they were hard to count.  Some days we didn’t, but none of us went without seeing fish every day.  We had only one “bad day” when a series of rain squalls moved through.   The fish were still there but were very difficult to see and hard to reach in the wind.


At the end of each day, the staff cleaned our rods and reels by washing them with fresh water; the complimentary bar was opened and the choices we had helped our stories and by the time dinner was served, everything seemed perfect. The food at Bair’s Lodge is delicious and we had our choice- seafood if we wanted and if we didn’t  they would fix you what you did want. Lunches and breakfasts were the same way.  You had a lot to choose from and nothing was spared to make both meals superb.

When the week ended I still wanted more and so did everyone else.  I immediately re-booked a prime week for 2015.  I have already started packing, and I’m not kidding.