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Fly Water Travel is pleased to announce a diverse and novel new offering for game steelheaders keen on fishing the fabled waters of the Skeena system. These trips will be guided by 30 year veteran guide Kelly Hassell and supported by Derek Botchford’s heads-up team from Frontier Farwest Lodge. These trips will be the first in the region to enable anglers to fish the Skeena 4 section, the lower Bulkley, the upper Bulkley and the Morice in a single week. Trips are for 2-4 anglers and guests will use jet boats to reach the prime runs in the region.


The Camps will be basic wall tent camps with cots and provided sleeping bags as well as basic heat and light. There will be two camps. The first will be located in the Skeena 4 area near Kitwanga and the second will be located near Owen on the Morice. In the middle of the trip anglers will spend an included night at the Stork’s Nest motel in Smithers where they can shower up, have a meal out and restock anything they might need.


low res Bulkley-30

Basic Itinerary:

Day 1:   Arrive Smithers and overnight at the Stork’s Nest (not included)
Day 2:   Drive to Skeena 4, fish all day, overnight at at Skeena Camp
Day 3:   Fish Skeena 4, overnight at Skeena Camp
Day 4:   Trailer up to lower Bulkley. Fish full day then drive to Smithers and overnight at the Stork’s Nest (included).
Day 5:   Trailer to upper Bulkley, fish full day and overnight at Morice Camp.
Day 6:  Fish Morice, overnight at Morice Camp.
Day 7:   Fish Morice, overnight at Stork’s Nest (not included).
Day :   Depart Smithers in AM.


Available Dates:

Sept 8-13: 2-4 rods
Sept 15-22: 2-4 rods
Oct 6-11: 2-4 rods

Rate: $5900 US


For additional information please call Ken at 800-552-2729.