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Christmas Island Outfitters

Recently back from two great weeks on Christmas Island one of our favorite Fly Water Travelers, Joel Baiocchi, gave us some fantastic insight on the merits of spending two weeks at Christmas Island rather than the standard single week.

More and more anglers are realizing the amazing potential that two weeks on the island provides. The added time gives anglers a much better opportunity to truly relax, fish at a much less frantic pace, and offers a chance to explore so much more of the island. Not to mention that essentially you are cutting your airfare costs in half by getting in two trips for the price of one ticket!

He is what Joel had to say about his two week trip:

“If you haven’t done it, the inner experience (as opposed to objective stats like #s and species of fish) is entirely different than just a week. You get so relaxed and on “island time”, when the next group of anglers comes in, everything they do seems too fast. Talk fast, walk fast, move fast. It’s like they’ve been drinking espresso all day. I got so relaxed I was the last person on the departing flight. With a week, there’s also the “what to leave in, what to leave out” problem. Two weeks, you don’t agonize over a committed day at one place to the exclusion of another; with 12 days of fishing, you’ll get it all in, even if there’s a day or two of bad weather…”

“And there’s time to explore new water, I did that a lot, and it was supremely satisfying, even when I couldn’t catch squat… there were areas I fished the beach alone, without any evidence of humanity in sight, and looking westward, knowing that the nearest land mass was Indonesia.  Bones, triggers, & blue fin everywhere.  Unforgettable.  And, there’s the practical benefit of getting twice the time on the island for the same transit costs.  If you haven’t done it, it is definitely something to put on the short list.  You won’t regret it.” 

Special 2 Week Offer!

For a little added encouragement we are now offering anglers a 10% discount on their second booked week at Christmas Island Outfitters. Call Dylan Rose for details!