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For many saltwater anglers, catching a permit on a fly remains an ever elusive dream and for the lucky anglers that have managed to actually land a permit on a fly, it can become an all consuming addiction. Whether you’re simply looking for that very first permit grab or wanting to etch yet another tick on your permit life list, there’s no question that dedicating a trip to target only permit is the best way to get it done. Anglers on a dedicated permit trip also need to resign themselves to the fact that it’s entirely possible that you may go an entire week without catching one! However, booking a trip to world class permit waters and learning about the craft of hunting permit with highly experienced, permit addicted operations will greatly help your cause.

Here are some of our very favorite permit destinations featuring fantastic guides, prolific waters and the ever elusive Palometa.

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Playa Blanca, Mexico
Playa Blanca focuses on fishing Ascension Bay’s much lesser known and lesser pressured little brother named Espiritu Santo Bay. This is a beautiful fishery that on average receives 1/10 of the amount of boats and anglers that it’s more famous neighbor to the north receives. This is a big advantage when it comes to getting on the flats first and presenting to fish that have not seen a lot of boat traffic or flies. Both big cruising singles and doubles can be encountered on any given day. Couple this amazing fishery with the venerable, well run and beautiful Playa Blanca Lodge and you just cannot go wrong with a trip to this amazing destination.

Belcampo Belize Lodge
Belcampo Lodge is located in Southern Belize and sits on a private 12,000 acre chunk of land situated just outside Punta Gorda. Belcampo serves as home base for anglers wanting to hunt permit with the legendary Garbutt Brothers. Guests stay in the plush, wife approved and luxurious jungle surroundings of Belcampo Belize Lodge by evening and then are guided by some of the world’s best permit predators by day, the Garbutt Brothers.

Garbutt’s Fishing Lodge
The brothers Garbutt remain some of the most experienced, professional and skilled permit guides found anywhere on the planet. The vast and shallow water margins of the Port Honduras Marine Preserve comprise some 135 small cays. As well as an extensive mangrove lagoon and estuary system that offers protection from the wind and numerous crab hole pocked flats that offer shallow water opportunities for tailing fish. Anglers can choose to stay the incomparable Belcampo Lodge, located just 10 minutes away or on site at the Garbutt’s marina in their simple camp.

Palometa Club
The guides at the Palometa Club in Punta Allen live, sleep, eat and dream about one thing, permit! From top to bottom this operation is all about focusing on the wonders of Ascension Bay’s permit fishery. Every landed permit is a celebration and this place books up fast so inquire with us now if a spot at Palometa Club is calling your name.

Jardines de la Reina, Cuba
With an area bigger in size then the entirety of the Florida Keys, Jardines De La Reina which translates to the “Gardens of the Queen”, is a vast and prolific marine sanctuary. The time is now for Cuba and with recent regulations easing just enough, anglers are jumping at the chance to travel legally to this amazing fishery. Let us help you get there 100% legally and before the coming onslaught hit Cuba and changes it forever.