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Mongolia is one of those destinations that almost everyone dreams of.  Just mention the place to many and they slip into in a trance-like state;  their minds conjuring up images of Genghis Khan and nomadic tribes moving across  expansive, rolling-green landscapes.  If you mention it to a fellow anger their thoughts race instantly  to images of the world’s largest salmonid Hucho taimen that they undoubtedly seen.  The fact that it often takes two people to hold these remarkable predators makes quite an impression.

The thing most people don’t associate Mongolia with is trout fishing.  The fact is that The Great Khan and the massive Taimen have simply overshadowed them.  This is great news for the rivers’ abundant populations of grayling and trout.  With all the angling focus spent trying to catch Taimen, a world-class trout fishery remains largely unmolested and ignored.  But for those who have taken the time to enjoy Mongolia as a trout fishery, they will tell you it is one of the World’s best.

This being the case I would like to make a bold statement  and advocate that trout fishing in Mongolia is possibly the most overlooked fly fishing opportunity in the world.  The primary target species is the Mongolian lenok.  These fish look like a cross between a brown trout, a rainbow trout and a whitefish.  They live in all of the prime lies you think they should, average an impressive 16-22”, are  plentiful and respond very will to big bushy dry flies.  If that were not enough, these rivers also have solid populations of grayling.   Between these two fish an average angler can anticipate landing more than twenty fish a day.  In addition to these two species, trips with Mongolia River Guides also offer Amur trout.  These thick-bodied, golden colored fish are found in only a few Mongolian streams. Amur trout behave much like big browns with equally belligerent attitudes. They are handsome fish and  average 18 – 22 inches with some reaching 25 inches or more.

We offer three wonderful trips on four different rivers systems that all offer great trout fishing.  Two are luxury wilderness floats and the other is a base camp with jet boat access.  As you might guess these trips have been billed has Taimen trips but don’t let that turn you away, as there is time enough on these trips to get your fill of both!

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The Taimen Camps:
Aug 31 to Sept. 7
:  4 openings
Sept. 14 to 21:   2 openings
Sept. 28 to Oct. 5:  2 openings

Fish Mongolia
June 23 – July 4th:  2 openings
July 3rd – 13th:  3 openings
August 8 – 18:  3 openings

Mongolia River Outfitters:
Sept 22 – Oct 2:  3 openings
Oct 6-16: 3 openings