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Here is an update on the remaining prime steelhead openings in BC for the coming season.



 Suskeena Lodge, Sustut River

We have two unexpected openings at Suskeena Lodge on the Sustut. For anglers looking to get their foot in the door during a prime week, this is a great opportunity. The Sustut is a class one river and known for very large fish, outstanding wilderness attributes, incredible scenery and virtually no competition on the water.
Available Dates:
Oct 8-15, 2 spots
Rate: $6700 plus GST


Frontier Farwest Lodge
One of the most sought after and productive lodges in BC.
Available Dates:
Oct 10-17:  1 spot (one time only)
Oct 7-12: 1-2 spots (for their remote canyon camping trip)
Rate = $ 6,700 (lodge) $5,900 (canyon)

Skeena River Lodge
This is a rock solid unassuming operation that really knows the water around Terrace.
Available Dates:
September 12-19: 1 spot
September 19-26: 1 spot
Oct 3-10: 3 spots (Nass Base Camp, sale pending)
Rate = $4,400 plus 5% GST

Bear Claw Lodge
The best guides and accommodations on the Kispiox.
Available Dates:
August 27-September 3: 1 spot
Rate = CAD$6,745 plus taxes

BC West Lodge
The only Dean River operation that fishes above and beneath the falls.
Available King Dates:
June 20-27: 1 spot
Rate = $5,995 plus taxes

Available Steelhead Dates:
July 4-11: 2 spots
July 11-18: 1 spot
July 18-25: 1 spot
Rate = $7,295 plus taxes

Sandy River Lodge
Alaska’s most remote and prolific steelhead system.
Available Dates:
October 4-11: 1 spot
October 11-18: 2 spots
Rate = $7,600

Kimsquit Bay Lodge
Formerly Blackwell’s on the lower Dean beneath the falls. 

Available Dates:
August 7-14:  2 spots
August 14-21:  6 spots
Rate = $6150

Give Ken a call at 800-552-2729 to book your BC steelhead trip!