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Christmas Island Outfitters – Fishing Report July 2015

Many anglers call and ask us about the best time to visit Christmas Island. I often say that the absolute best time to visit Christmas Island is literally any time that you can go! Fishing stays remarkably consistent year-round.

The island of Kritimati is located 144 miles north of the equator and thus the weather remains stable all year long. American anglers tend to flock to the island December through February as Christmas Island is one of the few destinations that you can count of for good weather at this time of year. As well, most anglers are looking to warm up in the tropics this time of year and Christmas Island fits the bill perfectly.

Often overlooked is the summer season on the island. Anglers that visit Christmas Island in the summer months will find a few visiting Aussies and Kiwis but dramatically fewer Americans and less pressure overall. The weather is great if not better than any time of year and plenty of space is available at the lodge. If you’ve not considered visiting Christmas in the summer, now is the time! Give us a call and we can help you plan your dream trip to Christmas Island this summer.

Lucky anglers Zack, Jeanette and Art took advantage of Christmas in the summer this June/July and experienced fantastic fishing and perfect conditions!

Christmas Island Outfitters

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Another nice fish


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We got a lot of doubles