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Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho

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The most prolific and unspoiled westslope cutthroat trout fishery in the world, the Middle Fork of Idaho’s Salmon River offers what many consider the finest multi-day wilderness float trip in America.

While the fly fishing is excellent throughout the season, the early season favors big white water, and the late season favors fly fishing. From July through September, low flows offer non-stop dry fly action for anglers of all skill levels. Late season fly fishing-only trips are limited to eight anglers and begin with a fly-in to the middle river allowing ample time to thoroughly fly fish this remarkable wilderness river.

2016 Availability:
June 14-19: 22 rafting spots available
July 1-6: 7 fishing or 12 rafting spots
July 9-14: 6 fishing or 18 rafting spots
July 17-22: 4 fishing or 5 rafting spots
July 25-30: 5 fishing or 10 rafting spos
August 10-15: 5 fishing spots
August 18-23: 10 fishing spots
September 4-9: 9 fishing spots (possible private charter)
September 13-18: 9 fishing spots
September 22-27: 10 fishing spots (possible private charter)

Give Charles a call at 800-552-2729 to lock in your trip on one of the West’s most classic float trips

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