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Chucao Lodge, Chilean Patagonia
When Gonzales Cortes, author of Fly Fishing in Chilean Patagonia set his sights on building the fly fishing lodge of his dreams in Chile, it quickly became clear that one location in Patagonia would not suffice; there was simply too much good water for fly fishing. His solution was simple. He hand-built two lodges, Yelcho and Rosselot, in Patagonia, enabling his guests to split their fishing week between the two spectacular locations offering very diverse angling and scenery. Both of Chucao’s lodges are strategically located near the mouth of the Yelcho and Rosselot rivers and offer fly fishing anglers a taste of the real Chile, complete with warm native wood construction, wood fire cook stoves and hot tubs, stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, and spectacular Patagonia fishing.

Chucao Lodge – Detailed Information

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Interview with Chucao Lodge’s owner and mastermind, Gonzalo Cortes
Where is the lodge and how do I get there?
The Chucao program has two lodges – Yelcho and Rosselot.  Yelcho is roughly an hour drive south from the small town of Chaiten and Rosselot is about two hours drive farther south from Yelcho.  Guests take a short one hour charter flight from Puerto Montt to Chaiten.  We pick up guests at the airport and drive them to the lodge.

What is the typical weekly dual-lodge program?
We offer a week long – Saturday to Saturday – program.  Typically, anglers will start off fishing for three days out of Yelcho Lodge then transfer mid-week over to Rosselot Lodge where they will spend the remaining three days fishing.

When should I go and why?
Mid-December through January is an exciting time to visit because of the epic dragon fly hatches!  The fish just go crazy for them and deliver hard and aggressive strikes.

Where do you fish?
Our main fisheries include the Futaleufu river, Figueroa River, Yelcho river and lake, and Rosselot river and lake.

What fish will I catch?
Mainly rainbow and brown trout but we do catch Chinook and Atlantic salmon during certain times of the season.

What differentiates Chucao Lodge from other Patagonia trout lodges?
Having a two lodge program allows guests to visit two lodges in one week and fish two different watersheds.  The location of each lodge are huge advantages for us.  Both lodges are right on the water so clients can be fishing in just minutes without long drive times.

Where do guests stay?
Each lodge has five rooms, each with twin beds and private bathrooms accommodating up to eight anglers.

What is the ratio of wade vs. float fishing?
40% wade vs. 60% float

Is there internet and cell service?
We have a great internet connection at Yelcho Lodge and a slow but reliable connection at the Rosselot Lodge.

Are there other non-angling activities?
Yes, there is a hot spring and some hiking opportunities in the nearby national parks.

What are the most productive flies for your fisheries?
Large foam attractor patterns work best when fish are looking up.  Dark colored crystal Wooley Boogers are a great pattern when fish aren’t taking dries.

What is your favorite rod(s) for fishing your water at Chucao?
Any fast action 5 or 6 weight.

Are there any special skills required?
No just be in good enough shape to fish all day!