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Our friend and photographer Abe Blair just returned from a week at Igiugig Lodge. This is one of our favorite small Alaska lodges. Abe captured some great images we would like to share.
You can visit Abe’s website here. His skills and keen eye captured the essence of Igiugig Lodge…Brad Waitman’s experience as a hands on owner/operator, amazing fishing, great food and a highly personalized experience.

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-55 (1)

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-17 (1)

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-36 (1)

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-59 (1)

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-22 (1)

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-41 (1)

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-18 (1)

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-29 (1)

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-15 (1)

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-44 (1)

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-11 (1)

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-26 (1)

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-8 (1)


IgiugigLodge_Flywater-10 (1)

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-40 (1)

IgiugigLodge_Flywater-3 (1)

Thanks again to Brad Waitman for sharing your knowledge and skills and to Abe Blair for capturing it all.

If you have any questions give David a call at 800.552.2729 or email at any time.