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Snook are the silent assassin of the saltwater angling world and are far too often overlooked by fly anglers. Snook are often found among the endless mangrove lined shorelines, river edges, creeks and beaches of the Caribbean. As they lurk in the murky shadows and underneath darkened mangrove roots, they lie in wait or gently cruise about looking to pounce on an unfortunate victim. Snook are the perfect ambush predator and their sudden attack can seemingly come out of nowhere and with a ferocity that seems only appropriate for a fish twice it’s size.

Far too often fly anglers only keen on sight casting the flats will look past some great opportunities to chase snook. Many times putting in a good deal of blind casting is part of the snook game, especially if the water is tannin colored or murky.  For me, catching a fish blind is all part of the fun! The shock and awe that comes with a big snook pouncing on your Gurgler out of nowhere is one of the most exciting experiences you can have in the saltwater. Not too mention the casting challenges of trying to tuck poppers in and among the mangroves can be a nice diversion.

Snook fishing can be at its best during the fall season when adult fish return to less saline environments to spawn. Fishing among the estuarine environments in October and November can yield some incredible results. Snook can easily play second fiddle to their more famous flats inhabitants like bonefish, tarpon and permit, but these highly aggressive fish can provide some exciting action that should certainly not be overlooked on your Carribean next trip.

Here are some of our favorite destinations to chase snook:

Belize River Lodge – Belize River Lodge offers unique access to several large rivers and creeks that offer fantastic opportunities for snook in season. With some of the most diverse offerings in Belize and a 50 plus year history as a destination saltwater operation, Belize River Lodge continues to provide exceptional and exciting fishing opportunities.

Casa Blanca Lodge – Casa Blanca is located near the southern most boundary of Ascension Bay, providing near instantaneous access to some of the most remote reaches of the bay. This remote access can provide fantastic opportunities for snook in season and ample opportunities to take a break from bonefish and permit to chase snook.

Pesca MahahualThe guides at Pesca Mahahual focus on the many brackish lakes of the southern Yucatan Peninsula and Chetumal Bay. These lakes and remote parts of the bay can offer yield some truly impressive snook up to and over 20lbs. If you’re looking to try for a truly trophy sized snook, this may be one of your best options.

Please give Dylan Rose a call today at 800-552-2729 or email us HERE to chat about chasing these fantastic fish.


Even smallish sized snook can provide for breathtaking encounters as they trounce your Gurgler on the surface.


A nice snook comes to hand on a popper from the Sibun River near Belize River Lodge.


A Goggle Eyed Gurgler gets trounced by an enterprising snook.


When prepared properly snook happen to be one of the best eating fish in the world. At Belize River Lodge they do it right! The occasional snook for dinner can be a nice treat!