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Oregon Coast Winter Steelhead Detailed Information

From February through April the rivers surrounding the greater Tillamook Bay region on the Northern Oregon coast transform into some of the most productive and seductive winter steelhead rivers in North America. Structurally they are a “swing” fisherman’s paradise and the quarry is almost always sea bright, wild and willing to chase a well swung fly.

To compliment these rivers and the hearty handsome steelhead they sustain, we have tracked down two of the finest winter steelhead guides in the West: Scott O’Donnell and Chris O’Donnell (no relation). Not only do they know the intricacies and moods of their local systems but they are among the most sought after Spey casting instructors in the nation. Scott’s credentials include a lifetime dedicated to chasing anadromous fish, designing the Rio Skagit lines, and recognition as the preferred demonstration caster for Sage Rods. For anyone interested in learning the art of spey casting streamside or simply fly fishing some of the finest winter steelhead water we have seen, this is a spectacular venue.

Available dates:
February 1 – 9
February 19 – 20
March 1 – 2
March 5 – 6
March 13 – 16
March 21 – 31

Rate: $550 per day (1 or 2 anglers)

Additional packages availability – Please call David at 800.552.2729 or email