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With our experience in fishing Cuba, and in helping our clients book their own trips, it has become very obvious to us that we need to plan ahead. Cuba is on the world’s radar, and finding space in any of the fishing destinations can be challenging, and expensive.

Keeping this in mind, we have secured what we think are great destinations, at great times of the year, all at great values. Space is limited, and in some cases the price will be better if you book early. One of the outfitters has offered us a new location, and will honor the 2016 price if we have our deposits in early. Also, rest assured that we will be booking, and helping promote, hosted trips through many of our fine fishing dealers, as well as helping to book your individual travel.

Each of these trips will be hosted by one of Fly Water’s angling experts. Now is the time! Come to Cuba with Fly Water Travel!

ZAPATA PENINSULA – Live-aboard w/ Jon Covich

The Zapata Peninsula is the newest destination offered to anglers wanting to experience Cuba. With endless habitat available only to the people in your group, in a highly protected marine environment at an affordable price, these trips will fill fast. Bonefish are very plentiful here, and Permit, Tarpon, Snapper and Jacks also available.

March 26-April 2, 2017  /  $4595 per person*, limited to 7 guests plus host

*This price is for anglers who have 50% of their deposit paid by September 30th, 2016. After that, if space is still available, the price will be $5,695 per person


Located on the north shore of Cuba, Gardens of the King is touted as one of the best Tarpon fisheries in the entire Caribbean. Our timing should have us there while larger, migratory Tarpon have arrived. Bonefish are also plentiful, and Permit possible. Guests will stay in a luxurious, all-inclusive resort.

Available Trips:
June 24-July 2, 2017              $4560 per person, limited to 7 guest plus host



Jardines de la Reina is known as having one of the most pristine habitats on the entire planet, with well preserved reefs, mangrove forests, and myriad shallow water fish species. May and June is prime time in Jardines for migratory Tarpon. We will be after the big boys…..30-100 pounds is the norm. In between the best times for Tarpon, we will also pursue Bonefish, Permit, Jacks and Snapper. So much in demand, we feel lucky to have secured the yacht Halcon as our live-aboard during this week. On other boats, this trip can exceed $10,000 per person.

Available Trips:
May 19-27, 2017  /  $6,350 per person, 4 spots left

Give us a call today at 800-552-2729 to learn more about these fantastic trip or contact us HERE!