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Fish and learn with the Northwest’s finest steelhead guides on the Northwest’s most approachable river.


Speywater Lodge – Grande Ronde River, OR

Often referred to as the Graduate school for Steelhead anglers and spey casters.

Located on the Grande Ronde River, near Troy, Oregon, this low key, high value operation is where some of the Northwest’s finest steelhead and spey casting guides congregate for a season of guiding and instruction. Renowned spey instructor, Scott O’Donnell, heads a crew of diehard steelhead guides who love the Ronde and the steelhead it sustains. As much a spey casting and fishing school as a hard-charging guiding operation, this is the best place we know of to learn the art of spey casting and improve your swing fishing skills. Now offering two distinct options on different sections of river, Speywater Lodge continues to improve and impress.

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Grande Ronde steelhead are known for their willingness to move to a fly and range from 5 to 14 pounds.


Throughout the month of October, the Grande Ronde is as good a dry fly and greased line fishery as there is.


Expert Interview with Charles Gehr


Where is the lodge?
Speywater Lodge sits on the banks of the Grande Ronde River near Troy, OR.

How do I get there?
Anglers can either drive to the lodge or fly into Lewiston, ID and rent a car for the 1 hour 45 minute drive to the lodge.

Why should I go?
Because this may be the single best operation we work with to improve your spey casting or steelhead fishing game while fishing a beautiful river.

When should I go?
October and November for the best of the steelhead fishery.

How do they fish?
They swing flies while wading, either with single hand rods or spey rods.

What fish will I catch?

How many fish will I catch?
Given the fluctuations of steelhead, an angler should consider an average of 1-2 fish per day a good trip.

Where do we stay?
On multi-day float trips anglers sleep in cots, two anglers per tent. At the lodge guests stay in double occupancy rooms.

Is there wade fishing?
All the fishing is done while wading.

Is there internet and cell service?
There is cell reception and wi-fi at the lodge. The lodge also has a land line phone in case of emergency.

Does the lodge provide equipment?
The lodge and guides are prepared with rods/reels and flies for guests’ use. Guests should come prepared with waders and boots.

What is your favorite rod for the trip?
First and foremost, I am a spey nerd that travels with at least two more rods than I’ll need. Also, I have a personal preference for light line-weight spey rods. That said, I fish a 5-weight spey rod with a floating shooting head and a 6-weight rod with a Skagit head for sink-tip fishing.

Are there other activities?

What is your favorite memory of this trip?
I love this river and I can’t really tease out a single moment over the others.

What are the physical demands?
Guests should be prepared to do all of their fishing while wading. The wading is not very difficult.

Dangers and annoyances?
There are a few rattlesnakes in the Grande Ronde canyon.

If you have any questions or are interested in booking available dates call Charles at 800-552-2729