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Fly angling for king salmon is one of freshwater’s greatest challenges. Maximizing opportunity is the key to success. This can be as simple as choosing the right river system. Some river’s in which these beasts swim are just not conducive to swinging flies. With that said there are several in which anglers can cover productive water with the traditional down and across approach, effectively showing these fish their fly in a consistent manner. This fact alone will ensure anglers a consistent opportunity to connect with the mighty king. Below you will see our favorite destinations in the great state of Alaska to swing for the king. All these destinations have a winning combination of the right water(close to tidewater), king focused programs, skilled king guides, the right equipment and attitude for success.


Sandy River Lodge – A modest, yet exclusive lodging facility with fantastic guides. They continue to be on forefront of swinging for kings.

Hoodoo’s Sandy River Lodge – A small lodge facility on the lower Sandy River that puts guests on prime king water.

Alaska West – AK West is a fine combination of great guides and an organized, well run camp on a river that begs for the swung fly.

Hoodoo Sportfishing Lodge – The most comfortable jet boat based lodge facility on what just may be the most productive small stream king system in Alaska.

Aleutian Rivers Angling Camp – Located on a prime piece of real estate with access to miles of king water on the easy to cover and productive Sapsuk River.

Rapids Camp Lodge – A full fly out program with exclusive king water, Rapids Camp delivers with style and comfort.

Availability Update:
Sandy River Lodge: June 3 – 10 = 2 rods // July 1 – 8 = 4 rods
Hoodoo’s Sandy River Lodge: June 25 – July 2 = 2 rods // July 2 – 9 = 6 rods
Alaska West: June 19 – 26 = 10 rods
Aleutian Rivers Angling Camp: July 1 – 8 = 1 rod
Rapids Camp Lodge: June 24 – July 1 = 10 rods // July 8 – 15 = 10 rods

Give David a call at 800.552.2729 or email to discuss more about king salmon angling in Alaska.

AK West - 20

AK West - 95