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For all of you fall steelheaders looking forward to the upcoming season in the Skeena watershed, the initial test results are looking great! In fact the early numbers are second only to the legendary 1998 season which was the best year ever recorded. There has also been a goodly amount of much needed rain over the past 10 days so all and all things are looking good for the coming season.  There are still a few prime openings in Skeena Country for any of you that have not yet made plans.

Suskeena Lodge
A remote river with a true wilderness premium
Dates: Oct 15-22, 3 spots
Rate: $6200 USD plus taxes ($500 discount)

Bear Claw Lodge
Incredible accommodations and guides on the Kispiox
Dates: Sept 1-8, 1 spot
Oct 22-27, 6 spots
Rate: $6745 USD plus taxes

Nass Base Camp
The best value in BC, just north of the Skeena
Dates: Sept 10-17, 1 spot
Sept 24-Oct 1, 2 spots
Oct 1-8, 2 spot
Oct 8-14, 4 spots
Rate: $4200 USD plus taxes

Trout Creek River House (no link)
Great accommodations and a super location on Bulkley
Dates: Sept 8-15, 2 spots
Rate: $6700 USD plus taxes