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I just returned from a week at one of our favorite fly out destinations. Rapids Camp Lodge has been in operation for over 20 years. Their program is incredibly diverse and they offer guests of any skill level a wonderful Alaskan adventure. Their commitment to customer service was comforting and a reminder that above all else, Rapids Camp Lodge wants its guests to feel at home while showing off the best of  Alaska. I hope you enjoy some of the fantastic images that my friend and professional photographer Abe Blair captured during the week.


Rapids Camp Lodge owns 60 acres of prime real estate on the Naknek river, one of Alaska’s finest trophy trout systems.


Day one was a mix of swinging for kings and casting streamers for trout on the home water.


We tangled with a few small kings within view of the lodge. A great warm up as each day just got better.


Happy guests return in one of AK’s finest planes…the DeHavilland Turbine Otter.


Day two we took a short hop in one of the DeHavilland Beavers to the mighty Nushagak.


The even flows and broad runs of the “Nush” are super inviting, unfortunately July here was not as good as June.


Rapids Camp Lodge is well equipped with three aircraft on floats, another on wheels and several jet boats at the ready.


Day three we were dropped off on a remote system. Chums and kings were present, the scenery outstanding.


Abe quickly got on the board with a king on the swing. The first of four opportunities this morning.


I tangled with this fellow who ate a Ken Morrish custom tube fly (perks of working for the man).


Being alone on a remote river was awesome, never saw another person or even a plane fly over.


The Otter came in for a hot pick up and we were off to meet the other guests.


Day four was a hike into a small stream with guide Justin to throw mouse patterns to healthy rainbows.


Rapids Camp has a long list of beautiful streams for those interested in a good hike and less crowds.


July is a great time to ply these waters with the mighty Morrish Mouse.


Days five and six, the Otter full of guests takes off again while we fished the home water to experience “the bust”.


Imagine packs of 20 to 30 inch rainbows attacking waves of out migrating salmon smolt over shallow water.


The action was fast and furious. When a bust appeared a quick cast into the boiling water was usually rewarded.


Doubles happened often and a triple was seen, although not landed.


Putting another pair into the net. The crew at Rapids Camp Lodge has this unique fishery dialed in.


Another solid double. The “bust” happens for several weeks and coincides with the most diverse time in AK.


The future looks bright. Great spawning conditions and large sockeye returns have this fishery thriving.


Rapids Camp Lodge is truly comfortable with amenities not easily matched.


Each day is thoughtfully planned out with input from each guest and guidance from lodge management.


Meals are prepared by two professional chefs and the dishes are as diverse and satisfying as the fishing.


King crab day is always a hit…time to indulge in a true Alaskan fest.


Guests stay in double occupancy rooms with private baths.


Beer on tap and wine are always available. Shuffle board, foosball and darts are added entertainment.


How about a sweat in the sauna or maybe a soak in the hot tub (not shown)?


Maybe a massage after a long day of catching will help.


Rapids Camp Lodge is the complete package providing easy travel and transfers, all the needed equipment, true comfort, top notch food and drink along with gracious hospitality. The staff is accommodating and the atmosphere relaxed. The best part of this trip…seeing the smiles on all the guests and how grateful they were for what the lodge provided…lasting memories.

If interested in an Alaskan adventure with Rapids Camp Lodge give David a call at 800.552.2729 or email.