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Gremikha Camp, Yokanga River

Gremikha Camp on the lower Yokanga may be the most physically demanding anadromous adventure we offer. No only must anglers hike a good deal but they must also navigate a very burly river with big rocks, aggressive pocket water and the biggest baddest, hardest-fighting, chrome-bright Atlantic salmon in the world.  If you fancy yourself a fit spey angler keen on challenge, this is the ultimate testing ground…the Thompson of the far east…the gold standard of macho, manly, fisheries.

For the 2017 season, Fly Water is proud to have 6 open spaces during the prime week of June 17-24. This is prime time for intercepting the largest Atlantic salmon on the Kola Peninsula very near the sea as they work there way towards the upper river. For the 2017 season angler will have a huge bonus; after hiking to and fishing their beat for the day, they will get a helicopter pick-up and be flown back to camp, cutting out nearly half of the hiking previously required.

Dates: June 17-24, 2017 (6 rods)
Rate: GB£5000 (British pounds)

Call Ken at 800-552-2729

GAc5Ytj_J-yAWNWb-xf_T4yTUeAeiU3H_oiW_WvuUpwAn aerial view of the camp and the rough and tumble lower Yokanga.

Dinner in the main dining tent.

Strong, big, fresh fish is what this program is all about.

Studying this image will give a feel for what the terrain is like.

A few of these makes the whole adventure more than worth the effort!