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Thanks to the Powell family for sharing a fantastic report from their trip to Rapids Camp Lodge.

Rapids Camp Lodge, King Salmon, Alaska 2016

Permission to go to Alaska for a week of fishing generously provided by Tana Powell. Full family support by Landis Powell. Full credit for the extra 5lbs we each gained attributed solely to Chef and kitchen staff at the famous Rapids Camp Lodge. A special thanks to our guides and staff at RCL for making it another amazing week. And to Dan and Richard for safely getting us from one place to another.

Rapids Camp Lodge is a very special place, where the outdoors, people, and machinery come together for a perfect vacation. 

This was our 4th time at RCL, and just as special as the previous times, made so by the incredible staff and guides. It is really tough to run a lodge in Alaska, when everything has to happen in 10 – 12 weeks. Probably the greatest hardship we had to endure that week was having to drink ice-cold bottled beer at the end of the day, rather than beer on tap. Our hats are off once again to the staff at RCL, for making this one of our best vacations ever. See you next year?

So what was the fishing really like? Every lodge has a glossy brochure graced with the best salmon and trout pics imaginable. Even RCL has a brochure, and a video on Youtube. But here is the straight scoop: my day at XXXX Creek was probably one of my top three fishing days ever (and I do a lot of fishing!). Some days at RCL we had large fish; some days we had a lot of fish. And the day on XXXX Creek we had a lot of very large fish, most over 20 inches. There are some things in life that should be on your personal bucket list: hiking a mile through sand dunes to fish native char, watching brown bears jump on fresh “reds”, and catching football-sized rainbows in clear water you can simply wade through.

Yours, Mike, Tana & Landis Powell


Early AM wake up call at 6:00AM each day. Breakfast, suit up, on the dock, load the plane…sleep when you can.


Adventures every day…the lake was very high, making for interesting wading to access the creek. A surface coating of floating pumice in the swamps as we worked out way to the river.



Mother and daughter sharing a moment while waiting for our plane to arrive. Happy the bear visits ended well.



Landis lending a hand to hold the Beaver in place while loading up the gear for the ride home.



Aerial shots: light, color texture and composition all create the drama for Alaska’s backdrop



A family that fishes together, stays together. Passing down the love for fishing to the next generation. The smiles say it all.







Give David a call at 800.552.2729 or email if you have interest in an Alaskan adventure for you and yours.