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Avalon Cuban Fishing Centers, Cuba

Some fantastic prime time opportunities have just become available in Cuba for next spring. These are prime weeks that were previously on hold and now available. These spots will undoubtedly go fast as popularity for Cuba is off the charts. Many airlines are now offering direct flights to Havana from the states that are fully bookable online. All trips can easily combined with travel interests, tours and time abroad.

Booking direct flights to Havana:

Viva la Cuba! –

Give Dylan a call or email us HERE to take advantage of our extensive experience working within Cuba and all of the various locales below.

Jardines de la Reina –

Jardines de la Reina is a remote archipelago of islands lying some 50 miles off the southern coast of the Cuban mainland. This is a protected marine area with a limited number of catch and release anglers, divers and eco-tourists allowed to visit annually. The habitat here is pristine and untouched, enabling bonefish, permit, tarpon, barracuda, jacks and snapper to flourish. With a total fishing area greater than the Florida Keys, anglers are given a large area per skiff to fish, ensuring that they rarely see other fishermen. In fact, Avalon only allows a maximum of 15 skiffs fishing JDR at any one time.

March 11 – 17  (Yacht Halcon)
June 10 – 16 (Yacht La Reina)

Cayo Largo –

Cayo Largo lies at the very eastern edge of the Carnarreos archipelago, which is comprised of nearly 350 islands on Cuba’s southern coast. A resort island, Cayo Largo is largely visited by Canadians and Europeans seeking its pristine white-sand beaches, large all-inclusive resorts and crystal clear waters. Better yet, the waters around Cayo Largo hold abundant and extremely healthy populations of the skinny species fish fly anglers love to stalk.

April 7 – 14
May 19 – 26
June 23 – 30

Cayo Cruz –

Located north of Camaguey, Cayo Cruz is an island in the Jardines del Rey archipelago (Gardens of the King). This pristine and massive area is prime hunting ground for large bonefish, permit, tarpon (in season), large jacks, snapper and barracuda. Known for its expansive hard sand flats, anglers that are keen to get out of the boat and stalk fish from their feet may fall in love with Cayo Cruz.

March 31 – April 7 (Yacht Avalon Fleet I)
April 21 – 28 (Yacht Avalon Fleet I)

Isla de la Juventud –

Isla de la Juventud (Island of the Youth), is the largest island in the nearly 4000 islands that surround the Cuban mainland. The habitat here is pristine, and seldom visited, except for a few intrepid divers, lobster fisherman, and anglers in the know. With mangrove islands, tannin stained interior bays, and close proximity to the deeper water to the south, tarpon flourish near IDJ as juveniles, and return as adults during their migratory months. The “Baby Tarpon” that live in and around the mangroves range in size from 5-30 pounds, while the migratory fish will range from 40-120 pounds.

May 12 – 19 (Yacht Perola)
June 2 – 9 (Yacht Perola)




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