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Jurassic Lake is nothing short of a biological anomaly and must be the most prolific trophy rainbow fishery on the planet. The lake itself is a large desert sink lake measuring approximately 20 by 15 km. It is located at approximately 3,000 ft. elevation in the wide open desolate expanse of the Patagonian Steppe. And while it looks like a saltwater body of water with its wind-chopped, blue water channels and shelves, it is teaming with small scuds and massive rainbow trout. Here the rainbow trout average over 10 pounds with countless fish in the mid-teens as well as good numbers of fish into the 20 + pound class. These fish are extremely stout and most are incredibly strong and acrobatic.

The Lodge has the good fortune of being located at the mouth of Jurassic lake’s only significant tributary. With no outlet, this is far and away the best location on the lake with anglers stacking up big numbers of big fish virtually every day of the season. There have been some reports of slower fishing in February where anglers might only catch 5-10 big fish a day, but by in large the general level of productivity of the lodge water is hard to comprehend.

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Jurassic Lake Lodge – Southern Patagonia, Argentina

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Location, location, location. The most productive water is merely steps from the lodge.

At Jurassic Lake Lodge anglers have legitimate chances at landing rainbow trout in the 10, 15, and 20+ pound class.

Fish stack up in the lower pools of the Barrancoso river.

Fly directly to the lodge in just over an hour.

Fish the most prolific trophy rainbow trout fishery in the world.

Expert Interview with Kyle Kolodziejski

Why go?
1.  Fish the most prolific trophy rainbow trout fishery in the world.
2. Legitimate chances at landing rainbow trout in the 10, 15, and 20+ pound class.
3. Location and easy access to the Jurassic Lake’s most consistent and productive fishing area.
4. Direct charter flight service to/from the lodge.
5. Newly constructed and remodeled guests rooms and main lodge.

Where is the lodge?
Jurassic Lake Lodge is located in the Santa Cruz Province in Argentina. The lake is roughly 6-7 hours north of Calafate by vehicle and 1 hour 15 minutes southwest of Comodoro Rivadavia by charter flight.

How do I get there?
Guests on full-week (Saturday-Saturday) packages take a 1 hour 15 minute charter flight from the city of Comodoro Rivadavia directly to the lodge in a 19 passenger Twin Otter. Guests arriving or departing through the town of Calafate transfer 6-7 hours overland to/from the lodge.

When should I go?
Historically, the most popular time and peak fishing period is from November through Mid-January. During this time fish concentrate in large numbers in the areas surrounding and including, where the Barrancoso river flows into Strobel lake (i.e. Jurassic Lake) allowing anglers to rack up some seriously absurd numbers of fish to hand each week.  If sheer numbers (or pounds, in this case) of fish is not exactly your thing visiting in early March through April can be incredibly rewarding for many anglers looking for more of an angling challenge.  I’ve found that what may be lost in quantity is well made up for in quality during the latter part of the season.

Where do they fish?
The majority of fishing occurs on several hundred yards of lake shore flanking the river mouth and roughly half mile up river from the lake. The lodge also has access to several upriver beats, small lakes and bays should you want to see other water away from the lodge.

What fish will I catch?
Some of the world’s largest rainbow trout!  Average size is 8-10 pounds.  Many are in the 10-15 pound range with legitimate chancesd at fish topping 20+ pounds.

How do they fish?
The fishing program at Jurassic Lake Lodge is considered “lightly guided” where guides will show you the general program and fishing beats, give advice on fly selection and technique, help with landing fish, take photos, and assist you with whatever you may need. Guests and guides are assigned beats each morning and rotate water throughout the day to assure guests get equal opportunity to fish each piece of water. The most productive technique for fishing the still water of the lake is to blind or sight cast scud patterns and employ a very slow retrieve.  The slower the better in most cases.  Nearly every trout technique can be effective when fishing the river whether skating or twitching dries, deaddrifting nymphs or egg patterns or stripping streamers.

How many fish will I catch?
Many anglers have report 60+ fish days in November through mid-January, 5-15 fish days in February and 15-25 fish days in March-April.  Please note, although the catch rates decrease significantly in the late season be sure to adjust your frame of thought and ask yourself “where else can I land 15-25 10+ pound rainbows in a day?”

Will we see other anglers?

Is there wade fishing?
Jurassic Lake is 100% wade fishing.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?
The vast majority of the prime fishing waters are a few minutes walk from the lodge.  Other areas are accessed by 4×4 truck in 30 minutes or less.

Who is best suited for this destination?
Any angler in pursuit of catching trophy rainbow trout.

What are the accommodations and meals like?
The lodge has a U-shaped configuration with five double occupancy rooms with private baths, dining room, and lounge area.  The rooms are clean, comfortable and have ample store space for gear. Meals are delicious and plentiful and focus heavily on meats, home made pastas, and other locally sourced goods.

Can you describe the atmosphere of the lodge?
The lodge has a nonchalant and laid-back feel. Meal times are the only things set on a schedule. With the main fishery being merely yards from the lodge guests have the ability to return to the lodge at any time to relax, take a nap or grab a beer.

Is the owner on-site? If not, who is the manager or point person?
Julian Escalada, the lodge manager and head guide, is always on-site and available to assist guests. Julian is a soft spoken guy that works hard to assure every guest has an enjoyable stay.

Is there internet and cell service?
There is no cell service. There is slow yet reliable satellite internet service available.

Does the lodge provide equipment?
The lodge does not provide equipment.  However, many of the guides have gear to loan should you need a backup.

What is your favorite rod(s) for the trip?
A 9′ 8-weight is perfect for fighting the wind and big fish.  I recommend a switch and or light spey rod under 12’6″ in length for casting on really windy days in some areas.

What are the guides like?
The guides are all Southern Patagonia locals and collectively have a wide range of guiding and fishing experience.  They are all friendly, helpful and eager to please.

Do the guides speak English?
Most of the guides speak good conversational and fishing English.

Are there other activities?

What are the physical demands?
The physical demands are relatively low.  The most demanding thing is fighting the wind.

Are there special skills required?
Not really, however having some experience casting in windy conditions can be help, but not necessary.

Dangers and annoyances?
The remoteness is probably the biggest danger.  Should you injure yourself and need medical care it will take a while before you reach the nearest hospital and therefore we recommend considering a Global Rescue plan.

If you’d like to learn more about this destination or start exploring other Patagonia fishing possibilities drop us a line at Email or call 800-552-2729.