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Rex Bryngelson is one of those early pioneers who came to Chile in search of whitewater and adventure and ended up finding incomparable rivers, a sense of place, true love and his life’s work in fly fishing hospitality and guiding. The end result is La Posada de Los Farios (The Inn of the Brown Trout), located on the banks of the Rio Cisnes, three hours north of Coyhaique. This diverse fishing area offers anglers wading and floating options on multiple rivers, streams, and lakes in and around the Rio Cisnes valley coupled with a particularly intimate and inviting lodge experience. This is the perfect combination for anglers and guests who want to experience remote Patagonia at its best.

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La Posada De Los Farios – Chilean Patagonia

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Float fish-filled rivers and rarely see another angler. 

This lodge is known for its homey, warm atmosphere. 

Sight cast to aggressive brown trout in pristine gin-clear waters.

Experience the rewards and grandeur of the Cisnes Valley. 

Expert Interview with Kyle Kolodziejski


Why go?
1. Enjoy home-style Patagonian hospitality in a relaxed small-scale lodge setting.
2. Fish trout filled waters without seeing another soul.
3. Unmatched dry fly fishing for brown trout.
4. Easy going and knowledgeable guides.
5. This is place is like Montana was 50 years  ago.

Where is the lodge?
La Posada de los Farios is located in Central Patagonia three hours north of Coyhaique, Chile on a peaceful working cattle ranch overlooking the beautiful and remote Rio Cisnes (Swan River).

How do I get there?
Most international anglers arrive Santiago, Chile in the morning, catch a midday flight south to the town of Balmaceda and then drive three hours to the lodge.

When should I go?
The lodge operates from December through March.

Where do they fish?
The fishing program is centered around various sections of the Rio Cisnes and Rio Manihuales as well as numerous private lagunas, spring creeks and seldom-fished high country lakes.

Who is best suited for this destination?
This destination is best suited to travelers who appreciate off the beaten path destinations and favor rustic charm over modern conveniences.  La Posada is a remote (even by Patagonia standards), relaxed, rustic small-scale lodge.

What are the accommodations and meals like?
Guests stay in a comfortable yet snug turn of the century ranch house.  There are three double occupancy guest rooms with private baths, a “homey” living room with a wood stove, dining room and covered outdoor sitting area.  A rustic wood fired hot tub is stoked daily and is ready for guests when they return from fishing each day. Fresh delicious meals are served family-style and are complimented by a selection of Chilean wines.

Describe the atmosphere and style of the lodge?
La Posada is a simple no frills ranch house style fishing lodge set in a tranquil remote river valley. It’s a place where modern conveniences and fast living are checked at the door and replaced with good old fashioned hospitality in a peaceful environment.

Is there an onsite manager, owner or point person at the lodge?
Rex Bryngelson, the lodge owner, is a dynamic individual who lives on-site and orchestrates the lodge operation. Rex is involved in every level of the lodge experience and is available at all times to his guests. He hosts happy hour and dinner each evening where he’s easily coaxed into telling one of his many stories of exploring and living in the wilds of Patagonia.

Is there internet and cell service?
There is no internet or cell service.  They have a satellite phone available for a per minute fee should guests need to make an important call.

How do they fish?
They fish a fair amount of their water from rafts but there are plenty of opportunities to get out and wade. Casting big foam terrestrials is the norm for the bulk of their season. On cooler days when the fish aren’t looking up casting streamers towards the banks is the method of choice.

Is there wade fishing?
There is plenty of wade fishing available however in a typical fishing week anglers spend most days floating and fishing from boats. That said, it is possible to customize fishing schedules to suit particular angler preferences allowing guests to wade some, or all, of their fishing days.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?
Some days guests start fishing minutes from the lodge while other areas require drives of up to an hour to reach the fishing grounds.

What fish will I catch?
The name says it all, La Posada de Los Farios translates to “The Inn of the Brown Trout.”  Fishing is primarily for brown trout but there are good populations of rainbows in some of the fisheries down valley.  Most fish fall in the 15-20″ class with some true 25″+ bruisers lurking around.

How many fish will I catch?
This is truly a hard question to answer because there are so many variables that come into play that determine catch rates. Despite the many affecting variables anglers can expect to reach double digit catches in a wide range of sizes each day.

Will we see other anglers?
It’s highly unlikely to cross paths with other anglers however it does happen on rare occasion.

Do guides speak English?
All of the guides speak perfect English. Rex is fully bilingual and some of the American guides only speak English.

What are the guides like?
Rex hires a combination of laid-back local Chilean and American-based fly fishing guides that are highly experienced oarsman, true trout hunters and humble hosts.

Does the lodge provide equipment?
No.  Be sure to plan ahead and arrive well equipped with your own gear. The lodge has a handful of spare rods and reels for guests to borrow if something in your arsenal should fail.

What is your favorite rod(s) for the trip?
Like most Patagonia trout fishing destinations carrying two rods is ideal – a 9′ 5/6-weight with a floating line for casting dry flies and a 9′ 6/7-weight with a sink tip line for casting streamers.

Are there other activities?
If soaking in the riverside hot tub while sipping on a beer after a long day of fishing counts as an activity, then yes! Hiking, bird watching, and horseback riding can be arranged but by no means are these focal points of this program. 

What are the physical demands?
There are no essential physical demands required however to make the most out of the trip to La Posada it is recommended to be in good physical condition so you can take advantage of everything the Cisnes drainage has to offer.

Are there special skills required?

Dangers and annoyances?
Tabanos (aka horse flies) can be an annoyance in the early part of the season. Repellent does not work and bites can be best avoided by wearing light colored clothing (white, khaki, etc.).

Are there health concerns?
No, but we still recommend visiting the CDC site before traveling to make sure that the situation has not changed.  View CDC updates here.

If you’d like to learn more about this destination or start exploring other Patagonia fishing possibilities drop us a line at EMAIL or call 800-552-2729.