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Prime Availability-Cuba

CUBA is home to some of the greatest saltwater fly fishing on earth largely due to the fact that the country and the fishing areas have been sparsely fished. In addition, the Cuban government has made each of the fishing areas protected marine parks where only a limited number of anglers, divers, and eco tourists are allowed to visit. Depending upon the destination, most all flats in Cuba host bonefish, permit, tarpon and all the predatory species such as jacks and barracuda. With North American travelers now flocking to Cuba to step back in time, much of the 2017 fishing season is fully booked. Listed below are a few exceptions:

**Please call Dylan at 541.488.7159 or Jon at 206.579.9342 for rates and details.

The Zapata Peninsula
If you are interested in experiencing some of Cuba’s most diverse and economical fishing opportunities, Zapata National Park may be your place. The expansive flats that extend from this huge mangrove swamp provide an amazing saltwater fishery, particularly for bonefish. With most of the flats being hard sand or coral, plenty of good wading options are available. Additionally, anglers can cast from skiffs while stalking bone­fish that average between 3 and 5 pounds. There are also good chances for permit here, particularly on the outer edges of these vast flat expanses. Resident tarpon can also be found in the slightly deeper water of the channels and lagoons.  Guests will stay aboard the 100 foot live-aboard yacht, Georgiana.

Available Dates: 
March 4-11     8 rods

Cayo Cruz
Cayo Cruz features one of the most healthy, untouched and pristine marine environments in Cuba. Located on the northern central coast, this newer destination from Avalon is still being ex­plored and producing impressive results. This fishery is defined by great wading opportunities and fantastic fishing for large bonefish, permit and migratory tarpon in season (April-June). Anglers will stay aboard Avalon’s live-aboard yacht, Avalon Fleet I.

Available Dates: 
March 31-April 7     8 rods (2 per skiff)
April 21-28     6 rods (2 per skiff)

Gardens of the King
The area around Cayo Santa Maria has an established track record for providing amazing tarpon opportunities. Located on the northern coast of the country, approximately a 4.5-hour drive due east of Havana, this area known as the Jardines del Rey (Gardens of the King) is a prime destination for both resident and migratory tarpon. Some opportunities for bonefish and permit are available as well. This diverse region offers flats, beaches, deep channels and mangrove estuaries. Most fishing takes place from the boat. The best time to visit Santa Maria for migratory tarpon is March through July, with peak months being April through June. Anglers stay at the large, all-inclusive resort Iberostar Ensenachos. Santa Maria is also one of Cuba’s more budget-friendly options.

Available Dates: 
April 22-30     4 rods
June 3-11     6 rods

Jardines De La Reina
The Jardines de la Reina (JDR), which translates to the “Gar­dens of the Queen”, is located off the southern central coast of the country. This massive archipelago is formed by some 600 cays and parallels the Cuban coastline for nearly 100 miles. It alone is bigger than the entirety of the Florida Keys. The JDR is a vast and prolific marine sanctuary and is serviced by Avalon exclusively, meaning it’s likely you will never see another fishing boat other than those from your own party. This area offers anglers true variety and fantastic biodiversity. Both migratory and baby tarpon, permit, bonefish, jacks, snap­per and barracuda are all available. Anglers access the fishery aboard Avalon’s floating hotel called La Tortuga or aboard one of several motherships located in the area.

Available Dates:
June 24-30     12 rods (2 per skiff)
July 8-16     12 rods (2 per skiff)

Cayo Largo
Cayo Largo offers an immaculate and highly productive flats fishery coupled with great options for those interested in a wide range of resort-based activities. Absent of commercial fishing pressure, Cayo Largo (Long Cay) is a meticulously managed biosphere preserve and the area is designated “fly fishing only”. Trips to Cayo Largo avoid the confines of a mothership and give guests the ability to explore the island’s beaches, tours and dy­namic ecosystems. The primary targets for anglers include large bonefish and permit. Migratory tarpon are available during the months of April through mid July. Anglers stay at The Sol Club, a large (296-room) all-inclusive resort complete with several restaurants, swimming pools, activities, eco-excursions and amenities. Suitable for families and couples, Sol Club provides a perfect home base for general vacation tourism and world-class saltwater angling.

Available Dates: 
June 16-23     6 rods
July 14-21     12 rods

Island of the Youth
Island of the Youth is the largest of all the islands surrounding the Cuban mainland. Located off the southwest coast, access to the island is via a short commuter flight from Havana. IDJ is renowned for being a prime tarpon fishery, having resident fish all the year, and large migratory fish in the months of April-July. With access to the many islands of the Canarreos Archipeligo, there are also bonefish and some permit to be found here. Guests will stay aboard the intimate yacht Perola which will anchor near the best fishing.

Available Dates:
June 2-9     6 rods

**Please call Dylan at 541.488.7159 or Jon at 206.579.9342 for rates and details.