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When it comes to targeting really large Atlantic salmon in a wild, unspoiled setting, few places compare to Russia’s mighty Yokanga River. Here salmon over 20 pounds are common, salmon of over 30 pounds are taken most weeks of the season, and while 40 pounders are present,  few anglers will ever be lucky enough to land such an unstoppable specimen. The main lodge takes 16 anglers per weeks and all guest enjoy helicopter shuttles to and from all prime beats. Outside angling pressure is virtually nonexistent, make this a private playground for some the word’s most discerning anglers. Guests stay in double or single occupancy cabins with attached private baths. All rates below are listed is British Pounds make the Yokanga far more reasonably priced for US anglers than ever before. This season still has some remarkable openings available with a description of each week below.
 June 24 – July 1,  2017
£10,800 from Murmansk, 4 rods left 
This is one of Yokanga’s two finest weeks, when big fresh salmon are arriving the middle river lies in numbers.  A maximum of 16 rods fly out daily to fish in pairs over 40+km of the river, each pair with a guide and a raft. This is THE time to target the Atlantic Salmon of a lifetime. It is rare when this week does not produce multiple fish over 30lbs with an average size of 16-18lbs. This week also marks the time when anglers take off the heavy sink tips and brass tubes  in favor of lighter sink tips, intermediate tips and floating lines in conjunction with with hairwing doubles and surface flies like the Sunray Shadow. Availability is very rare in mid – late June, and securing a rod will give you the option to repeat each year as the calendar moves this week a day earlier into June each year for the next five years.
 July 1 – 8, 2017 
£8,950 from Murmansk, 4 rods left 
The beginning of summer brings the grilse and summer salmon runs to join the tail end of the big fish run. Durring this week you never know if the next take will be a 5lb chrome-bright grilse or a frighteningly strong 25lb hen, or (as was the Case this week in 2015) a dime- bright 46lb buck with sea lice.  Floating lines and smaller flies can serve well when bank fishing, coupled with some larger tubes in the heavy draws which hold the famous Yokanga multi sea winter fish. This is a great week to enjoy warmer weather and exciting fishing.
 July 8 – 15 2017 
£6,500 from Murmansk, 6 rods left.
Often one of Yokanga Lodge’s most prolific weeks, this week offers classic summer fishing for fresh salmon in the 5-20lb range and holding salmon into and beyond the 30lb+ range. Fish are dispersed throughout the river and take well in the main lies. Techniques can range from small flies to larges tubes, with gently stripping or twitching lightly dressed doubles often producing some of the best results. This is EXCELLENT VALUE and still give anglers a real chance of a truly huge salmon.