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It’s quite possible that our dear friend Rob Ramsay may very well be the most experienced non-native Christmas Island angler alive today. We are simply  unaware of any other gringo alive that has spent more weeks fishing this incredible atoll than Rob (and it’s really not even close). Rob spends a month hosting friends and anglers from all walks of life at Christmas Island Outfitters each year. Rob’s 26 year history of fishing the island, in-depth knowledge of the flats, fisheries, fly tying, customs, tidal movements and life on Kiritimati proves invaluable once onsite for those that join him.

As you soon find out upon spending time with Rob, he is also simply a fantastic human being and an amazing angler with a vast amount of experience. His enthusiasm for Christmas Island, it’s locals, fisheries and famed finned residents is infectious. He loves nothing more than sharing this amazing island with others that are interested and he proves and incredible resource for anyone that is fortunate enough to spend time on Christmas Island with him.

Here are the remaining spots left to join Rob on the island for 2018. Please call Dylan right away if you are interested at 800-552-2729:
January 9 – 16 , 12 spots left
January 23 – 30, 2 spots left

Here is a quick report from Rob on his month long season January 10 – February 7, 2017:

by Rob Ramsay

Wow! Another year and another month on Christmas Island. It was nice to see the island and life in general in a more “normal” state without the effects of the extreme El Niño conditions suffered in 2016.

The weather was also a bit more comfortable and cooler (85°F) than past seasons. Both the fishing and catching was well up to par this year. The trevally fishing awesome. All six species were abundant with most anglers experiencing multiple sightings, shots and hookups daily during their weeks. Blue fin, striped (banded), black, silver, dusky and my favorite, golden trevally, were caught daily. Many were lucky to land GT’s up to 40lbs.

All had fun with their attempts and successes on the moody trigger fish. Many bonefish topped out at 7 – 8lbs measuring 27″ – 28″ long. Although they were a bit spookier this season, lighter weight bead chain eyes in smaller sizes and softer presentations seemed to do the trick. A few jumping queen fish and some hefty sweet lips snapper seemed to top off the quarry this year. A few anglers also found some isolated barracuda that terrorized terminal tackle and destroyed flies.

These one month trips have continued to offer the opportunity to fish the atoll during all available moon and tide cycles. I’ve frankly come to the realization that I have no particular favorite phase. The catching was consistent during all four weeks.  The tidal movement or lack thereof simply dictates your fishing location in this vast 50 square mile system of flats., pancakes, fossilized coral structure, back country lagoons and channels. Two additional Oceanside locations have provided a completely new fishing adventure and are well worth exploring more.

Christmas Island is wade fishing at its finest and represents the truest form of salt water angling. I know of no better fishery available to those of us based in North America during the fall, winter or early spring seasons. Christmas is also perfect for both new and seasoned anglers alike which makes it very special.

No waders are required to fish in this 82°F crystal clear water and certainly will not need snow shovels to clear the driveway. I’m now off to SE Alaska soon for another steelhead/salmon season, but will fondly remember this season at Christmas Island vividly on our cold and wet days in the Tangass National Forrest.