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Veteran BC steelhead guide Todd Stockner has been helping anglers hook into these legendary fish for more than 35 years. A longtime resident of the Kispiox, Todd has a deluxe little guest cabin in the middle of the  valley where he accommodates two guests per week. The day begins with Todd putting the coffee on and lighting the fire in the guesthouse and then serving up a hearty guide’s breakfast before heading out onto the river. Todd calls this week the “Hunt for Red October” and it is a great time to encounter some of the year’s biggest bucks. After a full day on the water, a hot dinner will be served at the main house.  While well known in steelhead circles, very few anglers get a chance to fish with Todd each season. We encourage you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to fish with a very special guide on the river he knows best.
Dates:  Oct 22-29, 2017
Rate:   $5800 CAD per person plus taxes
Short Stay:
Dates:  Sept 13-15, 2017
Rate:   $2700 CAD per person plus taxes
For more information call Ken at 800-552-2729