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Many saltwater anglers highly value destinations  where they can stalk fish from their feet while wading the flats. The feel of the water on your skin, the ability to sneak in close to the fish and the simplicity of a small hip pack and fly rod can be truly addicting. It’s largely for this reason that destinations such as Christmas Island and Los Roques have become so popular over the years. These hard bottom destinations give anglers ample opportunities to chase fish while wading the flats and covering an expansive amount of terrain from your feet.

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Christmas Island Outfitters
Christmas Island still remains the undisputed champion for fishing the flats from your feet. With a seemingly endless array of hard-bottom flats and some of them upwards of 9 miles long, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect place to walk the flats and stalk fish from your feet. If you love to wade, then Christmas Island is a dream come true.

Cayo Cruz, Avalon Cuba Fly Fishing
Cayo Cruz, Cuba offers some fantastic hard bottom flats. Nearly anywhere one fishes the opportunity exists to hop out of the boat and chase bonefish from your feet. One option that works great is to have one angler fish permit from the boat, while the other targets bonefish from their feet. In this way, both anglers can fish at the same time without trading time on the bow.

Andros Island, Bahamas (Bair’s Lodge, Andros South, Mars Bay Lodge, Eva’s Bonefish Lodge)
The south end of Andros island is lesser known than its more famous West Side, but offers great opportunities to wade the flats. When compared to Christmas Island or Los Roques, it can be slightly more challenging as the ground can be more uneven and slightly softer, however, fantastic hard bottom wading is certainly possible. If you’re interested in a hard bottom Bahamas destination consider southern Andros Island.

Indian Ocean (St. Brandon’s, Farquhar Atoll, Alphonse Island Resort)
The Seychelles have been deemed home to the greatest saltwater fly fishing on earth, largely due to steady streams of large, aggressive bonefish, endless pristine flats, huge trevally and barracuda, mysterious schools of super-charged milkfish, Indo-Pacific permit, triggerfish and some of the best flats guides in the business. With some of best saltwater wading on the planet, the only problem with these destinations are that you may be spoiled forever!

Los Roques, Venezuela
There is no question that Los Roques offers some truly outrageous wading opportunities. Unfortunately, the political climate in Venezuela is making it difficult to envision planning a trip there. We have had several groups successfully make trips to Los Roques in the last few months, but Venezuela seems to be rapidly disintegrating making travel somewhat difficult. When and if Venezuela gets its act together, you can bet that those big sardina munching bonefish will be there waiting for us.


An angler and his guide work the ocean side flats of Christmas Island from their feet.


The beautiful hard bottom, white sand flats of Cayo Cruz, Cuba.


An angler and her guide wade a turtle grass covered pancake flat at Los Roques.

Farquhar (23)














A beautiful peach faced trigger comes to hand on the hard bottom flats of Farquhar Atoll.