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For many fly anglers catching lots of big, bright, aggressive, acrobatic anadromous fish on flies sounds too good to be true. Enter the silver salmon; a truly cooperative salmon species that displays all of the most cherished sportfish characteristics. First, they are numerous and travel in schools so once you find one there likely will be more available. Second, they are an inquisitive fish that take flies well and are often aggressive towards surface offerings (added bonus points!).  Third, they are strong acrobatic fighters, often taking line quickly and leaping skyward after being hooked. Lastly, they are great eating and a species with relative abundance so taking a few home won’t have you questioning your ethics.

Silver salmon options in Alaska are abundant and diverse. They are available in many regions, from western AK to the remote peninsula and around to the the inlets of southeast. The operations we represent are equally diverse including comfortable tent camps, remote base lodges and full fly out operations.  So if you are looking for a specific type of experience that includes quality silver salmon fishing, know that we are in a great position to help you find the perfect match.

Below are some of the best operations catering to anglers interested in catching these fun and athletic salmon.

Give David a call at 800.552.2729 or email  him to discuss any and all of the following options.

Alaska West
Alaska West is a comfortable tent camp on the banks of the remarkably productive Kanektok River. If you’re up for it, 100 fish days have been documented here. The silvers are fresh from the salt and travel in great numbers. The staff is well versed in appropriate tactics and prefer to catch these beasts on the surface. They have continued to refine the flies and tactics first widely shared by AK West alumni Ed Ward who helped develop the spun deer hair “pink pollywog” back in the early 90’s.

Hoodoo Sportfishing Lodge
This remote lodge on the Alaska peninsula is perched on a super-productive home river known as the Hoodoo or Sapsuk. The lodge is a comfortable base from which to fish their home river as well as other nearby systems. With added fly outs available at a small extra cost you can visit remote streams that typically  see no other anglers. The facilities and equipment  are well kept and they have the experience needed to show you all this unique environment has to offer.

Dierick’s Tsiu River Lodge
This is a no frills, high value family run lodge with a long history of showing anglers what catching is all about. The Tsiu River runs clear, the wading is exceptionally easy and with liberal limits, anglers can take home some of these great tasting fish. The lodge is easily reached, offers stays of any length and can provide all the needed equipment. You might even tangle with a fresh steelhead if you can get your fly past all the silvers.

The Lodge at Whale Pass
Offering an array of enjoyable activities for the whole family, The Lodge at Whale Pass is a perfect venue to take non-angling friends and family while you put the hurt on their abundant silver salmon. Their primary fishery takes place right in front of the lodge in both fresh and saltwater due to massive returns of fish headed to a nearby commercial hatchery.  These fish are available for roughly six weeks and whether you want to hike up the river or fish in the salt, the silvers will be waiting. You won’t feel bad taking a few of these great eating fish home and you are free to target them with many tactics.

Rainbow King Lodge
This is a tried and true full service fly out operation with one of the best silver salmon programs in the business. The silver fishing here begins in August and runs well into September most years. You will have the option to visit several systems in your week and can also combine the silver fishing with some of the best rainbow trout fishing available. For an easy to reach luxury option look no further.

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