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We frequently receive inquiries from anglers that either don’t have a fishing partner or prefer to fish solo and double their fishing time while on a trip. Pricing for most lodges is built off of double occupancy rates, meaning that the rate is based off of two people rooming and fishing together. The single angler rates (private room/private boat) can be substantially higher in many cases. The below operations make it a little easier for anglers to travel solo by providing included private rooms, offering single discounts, including alcohol or lower than average single rates.

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Abaco Lodge, Abaco Island – Bahamas

Abaco Lodge includes private rooms in it’s normal double occupancy rates. So the single pricing only increases by the amount of the private boat upgrade. Additionally, the lodge offers included alcohol in the rate.

The casual yet beautifully appointed main lodge and guest rooms offer a casual, comfortable and stylish retreat. Couple all this with the fact that Delta Airlines is now offering direct flights to Marsh Harbour from their hub in Atlanta and it’s impossible to wrong with Abaco Lodge.

Andros South Lodge, Andros Island – Bahamas

Andros South is one of the only lodges in the world that offers a “willing to share” rate. Since all packages include a private room, you can sign up as a single willing to paired with another single. In this way, Andros South becomes one of the most cost effective lodges in the world for a single angler to travel to. Anglers can also sign up for a guaranteed private boat which does increase the rate. Additionally, alcohol is included in the rate.

Andros South is a laid-back Bahamian operation located in the heart of southern Andros’s prime bonefishing grounds. If a “bonefish bum” could design their ideal lodge, Andros South would be it. Guests grab their own beers out of the fridge and relax post-fishing at the beach-side tiki hut to watch the sun go down and exchange fish stories. Don’t get us wrong, they take their fishing very seriously and offer highly experienced guides, quality boats, friendly staff, complimentary loaner tackle, long days on the water, and warm Bahamian hospitality that is hard to beat. Andros South offers a high value, no frills experience with a hard core fishing vibe and all the necessities of a professional bonefishing operation.

Pesca Maya Lodge, Mexico

Pesca Maya offers some of the most reasonable single angler rates found in the saltwater world. Additionally, during in the summer months, they are one of the only lodges we work with to offer a 20% discount on single angler packages. Alcohol is also included at Pesca Maya.

Located on a sandy white beach 90 miles south of Cancun, Pesca Maya Lodge is a favorite for serious saltwater fly anglers looking to experience the splendor of Ascension Bay. Bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook and barracuda cruise an endless array of crystal clear flats, mangrove lagoons, channels, and reefs. Anglers fly fish two per panga under the watchful eye of both a senior and junior fly fishing guide, maximizing their chances from the boat and while wading.


Los Roques, Sight Cast – Venezuela

Yes, the country of Venezuela continues to be a mess but anglers willing to let Fly Water Travel guide them to this amazing location are finding a safe, extremely productive, and fantastic experience.  In order to stimulate business, discounts are being offered from the outfitter for those travel savvy anglers that now Los Roques remains one of the best saltwater fisheries in the world. This can greatly help single anglers with reasonable rates and world class fishing.

There’s no denying that a trip to Los Roques is the stuff dreams are made of. Pristine white sand beaches filled with loads of sardina munching 6lb bonefish, 100’s of challenging pancake flats that each offer it’s own mystery to be solved, brilliant cuisine and a comfortable boutique hotel that satisfies to the core. Quite simply, Los Roques is arguably one of the best year-round, wade-able flats destinations in the world. So what seems to be the problem you might ask? Unfortunately, Venezuela’s extreme political stance and challenges with flights have steered many anglers away from this world-class destination. The fact remains that Los Roques is still very safe, still very much doable from the flights perspective and loads and loads of unpressured fish are just waiting for anglers that can look past the negative PR. Give us a call to discuss the reality of making a trip to “The Rocks”!

Christmas Island Outfitters – Kiribati

Christmas Island is one of the most reasonable locations in the world for the single angler to travel to. At a rate of $2,945 per person based on private room/private guide, single anglers will find this one of the best value trips found anywhere.

The fact that virtually every flats fishing angler in North America has heard of Christmas Island is far from coincidence. Amidst the vast inventory of the world’s saltwater flats destinations, Christmas Island is a unique and natural masterpiece that magically combines all the elements critical to fly fishing success. Endless hard sand flats fishing, remarkable numbers of cruising bonefish and trevally, and consistent year-round weather await all who visit this unique atoll. Fly fishing guides at Christmas Island Outfitters have been handpicked by head guide Bita Kairoi for their overall level of experience, skill, calmness under pressure, and instructional abilities. Each day anglers will depart via truck or catamaran for the day’s flats fishing. Virtually all fly fishing entails sight casting to fish while wading in shallow waters. Christmas Island’s plentiful bonefish average two to three pounds, although on any given week opportunities for larger bonefish in the five to ten pound class may be available. The fly fishing guides at Christmas Island Outfitters are also among the atoll’s most skilled and passionate trevally hunters and love nothing more than to share with their guests the thrill of hooking these monsters. Excellent blue water fishing for tuna, wahoo, and trevally is also available. Although accommodations and meals at Crystal Beach Lodge are simple and rustic, the lodge is  located on a stunningly beautiful coral beach overlooking the mighty Pacific Ocean. Whether you are an experienced saltwater angler or a novice keen on honing your flats fishing skills, Christmas Island Outfitters at Crystal Beach Lodge offers an intimate and thrilling angling experience unlike anything else in the world.